May 18, 2022, 4:36 pm

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Police’s humanitarian service changes image of Joypurhat

Joypurhat Correspondent: Joypurhat district Police has changed the district image in human service. Instead of a strong stick, they have become human police in the corona situation. People are looking at police of Joypurhat in a new form to deal with corona as a humane police instead of sticks.
Members of Joypurhat district police are going to all the humanities keeping in mind all kinds of grievances. They are still working to make people aware. Not only that, police is working diligently to implement various programs to prevent corona virus in the area as well as to keep the law and order situation normal. This humanity has been praised everywhere in the district. This corona virus has introduced the police to the general people in a new way.

Police super Masum Ahmed Bhuiyan says police personnel are providing humanitarian services keeping in mind all kinds of disasters members of Joypurhat district police are still working to make people aware. One of our members has sacrificed his life. But we do not stop there. We will continue all efforts to keep the people here safe.

District police are distributing oxygen cylinders at free prices continuously. Initially, 10 oxygen cylinders were used in this service. At present, hundreds of cylinders are coming to the dying patients. Oxygen cylinders can reach anywhere in the district by calling 017365998 at any time of day or night.
Golam Hakkani, general secretary of Red Crescent Society says people are respecting and loving police here for this humanitarian job. Those who once criticized police force for its role, now in the disaster of corona virus are speaking out and praising police force.

General Secretary of Joypurhat Press Club K M Abdur Rahman Rone has helped police to make police’s Oxygen Bank self-sufficient in cylinders. Joypurhatare police super Masum Ahmed Bhuiyan said, “Human values, patriotism and humanitarianism are chasing us, so we are constantly running for humanitarian service. While providing this service, so far more than a hundred policemen have been affected by corona virus in the district. One person has sacrificed his life but we have not stopped there. We will devote ourselves to the service of the country and the nation till the end of our lives and will continue our efforts to keep the people of the district safe.

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