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Police officer raped and killed in Britain

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In the United Kingdom, a young woman was abducted and raped by a police officer on false charges of violating coronavirus. It has been proved that he was killed after raping the girl by showing a fake warrant against her. The lawyers gave the information during the hearing of the rape and murder case in a court in London on Wednesday.

The sudden disappearance of a young woman named Sarah Evard during a lockdown in Coronavirus-stricken Britain last March has caused a stir in the country. Massive protests erupted over Sarah’s disappearance. At the same time, there are questions about the safety of women on the streets.

In the face of protests, law enforcement began investigating the incident. Owen Cougans, a 48-year-old police officer with the London Metropolitan Police’s elite diplomatic security wing, confessed to abducting, raping and killing Sarah during questioning in July.

Owen, a police officer, charged Sarah with tax evasion while she was visiting a friend in Clapham, south London. She was strangled to death after being raped. To destroy the evidence, Owen burned the young woman’s body and threw her remains into a forest.

Lawyer Tom Little told a court hearing on the murder case that Owen targeted marketing executive Sarah, 33, on March 3. At the time, he was accused of violating coronavirus rules.

The lawyer for the London court said Owen was not in charge at the time of the incident. He kidnaps Sarah through a ‘fake arrest’. He handcuffed him and showed him the warrant card.

Police security camera footage showed police officers showing Wayne a warrant card and handcuffs before Sarah was picked up in the car. A couple passing by saw the incident. They thought that an undercover police officer might be arresting someone.

Wayne, who enforced the lockdown, used his knowledge and police patrol experience, the lawyer said. He knew what kind of language to use.

One of Sarah’s ex-boyfriends said Sarah was intelligent and had knowledge of street traffic. No stranger could force or mislead him.

The former London police officer faces up to life in prison for kidnapping, rape and murder. The court will announce the verdict against him next Thursday.

Source: AFP

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