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Police attack leaders and activists : Fakhrul

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Dhaka :

Numerous leaders and activists were attacked by the police while offering flowers at the tomb of BNP founder and former president Ziaur Rahman at Chandrima Udyan in the capital. Many BNP leaders and activists were injured in the incident, said the party’s secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

He told reporters after paying tribute to Zia’s shrine with flowers after a clash with police at noon on Tuesday (August 17th).

The BNP secretary general said that the leaders and activists of Dhaka metropolitan south and north have come to the shrine ignoring hundreds of obstacles and in the end they have visited the graves.

Fakhrul said the present government wants to suppress the democratic movement by torturing and shooting the police. Because there is no soil under their feet. They have become completely depopulated.

‘We believe that this government can be defeated through a united movement of the people. And we expect the North and South Committees to lead this movement. ”

The BNP secretary general said, “I strongly condemn the torture of the government and the police in today’s peaceful program.”

Asked how many people were injured in today’s incident, he said, “Numerous leaders and activists have been injured.” We haven’t calculated yet.

Regarding the allegation that BNP leaders and activists carried out surprise attacks on the police, Fakhrul said, “It is a completely false allegation.” Leaders and activists came to give flowers peacefully. There is no question of provocation, but the police have attacked the leaders and activists.

Earlier in the morning, the newly formed convening committee of Dhaka Metropolitan North and South BNP went to Zia’s shrine to lay flowers. At that time all the gates of Chandrima Udyan were closed.

Later, many people tried to enter Zia’s shrine by climbing the wall next to the International Trade Fair ground. At that time there was a clash between the police and the leaders and activists. Police tear-shells and fired in the control of the situation. Many leaders and activists were injured. Besides, BNP leaders and activists also threw brickbats at the police.

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