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Planting of Aman paddy saplings in the last season

Juwel Islam, Taraganj (Rangpur): Many retaliatory rains came. It rained for four days. That is why water has accumulated in Aman’s field. Farmers of Taraganj in Rangpur are busy planting saplings. It looks like they were anxiously waiting for the rain in the sky during the aman cultivation season. Due to lack of water, they were lost in planting aman saplings. Many have planted seedlings in the fields with irrigation water. Some of them have kept the aman saplings alive with irrigation. In the last four days of heavy rains, some water has accumulated in the fields and they do not have to irrigate anymore. The farmer smiled a little.

According to the Upazila Agriculture Officer’s Office, there are 11,548 hectares of cultivable land in Taraganj. Of this, aman paddy saplings are planted in 9,942 hectares of land every year. The best time to plant aman saplings is from 15th July to 15th August. But this time the drought started from the beginning of the season. Although there are clouds in the sky, it does not rain. In the hope of rain, the farmers finally got frustrated and planted aman paddy seedlings with apples in the land. But most of the Gabi farmers could not count the extra money for irrigation so they looked to the sky for rain. The last few days of torrential rains have brought relief to their minds.

I talked to Ansapar Ali, a farmer from Dangapara in Baniapara field on Saturday. He said that aman paddy is a water dependent crop of the sky. Every year Hamra grows aman paddy with water from the sky. But this time there was no water. Last time the aman field was destroyed due to the flood. This time Fir Hamak is about to cry for water. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this in my life. By the grace of Allah, I have been living alone for a few days. Anna aman paddy nagaochun in that drunken high ground.

Talking to Neshar Uddin, a farmer who is busy planting aman in a cradle thirteen miles downstream, he said, “What else does Kaim Bhai get flooded at this time of the year?” Aman paddy is never available in Nagara for floods, although it is never destroyed in floods. But this time there was no sign of water. It has been raining occasionally for three or four days. I cultivate Aman Nagaochi with that drilled plow. If there is no water in the sky, this time my peace will not be restored.

Hazrat Ali, another farmer from Bhimpur village, said, “Brother Duniyat Sook is turning upside down.” At this time last year, the flood-ravaged villages were swept away. But this time I didn’t get any aman paddy in the water. The last time I harvested that paddy. God knows what will happen this time, it is difficult to understand what the harvest will be like.

Narayan Roy, a farmer from Satghari Para, said, “God is watching.” It has been raining for a few days now. If this water is not available, this time my aman paddy will not be harvested. If I cultivate the soil that consumes empty water with the soil salo, what is the pet? And the price of oil that I do is like rising in my oil money. Mui paddy has not been planted in that area for so long. There is no problem in cultivating paddy.

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