September 20, 2021, 3:24 am

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Planting aman saplings in Taraganj with water

Juwel Islam, Taraganj (Rangpur): In this modern age, when aman paddy seedlings are planted in the land, on the way to extinction, the scene of a farmer’s land being watered with that cut is seen. About 30 years ago, this chheuti was on the verge of extinction. Heavy rains are not seen due to adverse effects of climate in this monsoon season. As a result, many farmers of Taraganj Upazila are forced to prepare their land with irrigation water through salo machine or mortar and are busy planting aman saplings. In addition, many farmers or sharecroppers are irrigating the land to make aman saplings.
Such a scene was seen at noon on Thursday in the land taken by barga farmer Jadu Mia in Ghanirampur of Kursha union of the upazila. Talking to Jadu Mia at that time, he said that during the rainy season about 15-20 years ago, it was raining as soon as the clouds reached the sky. But now the sky is full of clouds, but it doesn’t rain. The weather has changed now. I live with Ekramul, the owner of Brothers Cold Storage in Ghanirampur. There is no rain in the sky, it is too late to plant aman paddy seedlings. For this, we have approached six or seven salo machine-goers in the area. So today I will take two kamalas (day laborers) and give the frozen water to Chhekpar Nag.
I prepare this land and plant aman paddy seedlings. Not only Jadu Mia, Anshar Ali, a farmer from Rampura village in Kursha union, Narayan Roy, a farmer from Satgharipara village in Ikarchali union, and several other farmers, including Jatindranath, said that in the high season where mortar or salo machine pipes are installed due to drought in monsoon seasonThere is no establishment, this time aman saplings have been planted in those lands by watering themMeanwhile, many aman farmers have expressed fears that the lack of rain will disrupt the aman cultivation target in the upazila.
According to the Upazila Agriculture Department, farmers in the upazila plant aman paddy in about 10,000 hectares of land every year during the aman season. Upazila Agriculture Officer Urmi Tabassum said the best time to plant aman paddy seedlings is from the last week of July to August 15. As there is no heavy rainfall during this time of monsoon, many farmers are planting aman saplings after irrigating their land with irrigation equipment such as shallow machines and mortars.

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