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Planning Minister MA Mannan MP inaugurated free oxygen service activities in Sunamganj

Dulal Mia, Sunamganj: Planning Minister MA Mannan MP has inaugurated a free oxygen service programPlanning Minister MA Mannan MP inaugurated free oxygen service activities in Sunamganj in Sunamganj on the initiative of ‘Daily Sunamkantha’.  He inaugurated the program with a virtual presence at the inaugural function held at Sunamkantha Conference Hall on Thursday afternoon, July 5. Planning Minister MA Mannan said in his keynote address,  A businessman Md. Ziaul Haque has come forward with a humanitarian initiative, he has done a great job of providing oxygen services to the people for free. Thank you. Businessmen like Ziaul Haque should also come forward to serve the people.  It is time to stand by the people. The people of the country will benefit if the businessmen along with the government come forward in this way. The people will remember them. ”
President of the editorial board of the daily Sunamkantha.  Ziaul Haque presided over the function and Bijan Sen Roy, editor and publisher, spoke as the special guest. DC Jahangir Hossain, Civil Surgeon.  Mohammad Shams Uddin, Superintendent of Police.  Mizanur Rahman BPM, Deputy Director of Local Government.  Zakir Hossain, Postal Editor and Publisher of Daily Sunamganj, General Secretary of Sunamganj Press Club Principal Shergul Ahmed, President of Sunamganj Reporters Unity Latifur Rahman Raju, Journalist Shams Shamim and others.
Deputy Commissioner.  In his speech, Jahangir Hossain said, “Such an initiative is really commendable in this difficult time. We congratulate entrepreneurs like Ziaul Haque for coming forward in humanitarian work. Besides, we will also cooperate if others come forward.”  “We will deal with this disaster together. He called on the volunteers to be safe and provide services.”
Civil Surgeon.Dr.  Md.  Shams Uddin said, “Many people have money. But they do not want to serve the people in difficult times. But Ziaul Haque has always been working for the society with his generous attitude. We congratulate him for working for the welfare of the people.”  He assured all kinds of cooperation in this humanitarian work on behalf of the district health department.
Mizanur Rahman BPM said, “I have seen Ziaul Haque working for the society in various ways for the last ten years. What he is doing now is a very timely and noble deed. There is no greater deed in the world than saving lives.”
Deputy Director of Local Government.  Zakir Hossain said, “Mr. Ziaul Haque is a tried and tested philanthropist. He has built us autistic school buildings before. He is cooperating with various branches of the local government.  Thank you. ”

President of the editorial board of the daily Sunamkantha.  Ziaul Haque said, “I take my father to Sylhet for dialysis two days a week. I went there and saw what people suffering from corona were suffering. A man died right in front of me for oxygen. I was shocked to see it. I did not decide to come to Sunamganj for free oxygen service.”  I will launch it. I would like to take this activity forward with the cooperation of all of you. ”
Meanwhile, the resident doctor of Sunamganj Sadar Hospital.  Under the leadership of Rafiqul Islam, the health workers of the 250-bed Sunamganj Sadar Hospital’s Corona Ward have trained 30 volunteers associated with the Sunamkantha initiative.  They demonstrated how to administer oxygen to the victims, including nursing, using oximeters, cylinders, and hypo-oxygen concentrators.  You can contact 01727825367 to get free oxygen service.

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