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Persecution of wife without getting dowry money

Juwel Islam, Taraganj (Rangpur): Housewife Zakia Sultana (24) is groaning in severe pain in the bed of Taraganj Upazila Health Complex in Rangpur. Signs of injuries all over his body. She has been brutally harassed by her husband, mother-in-law and nuns for not bringing dowry money. The incident took place at Keshabpur Palichara village in Rangpur Sadar upazila. According to the family sources of some residents and abused housewives, Masud Rana, 26, son of Mahataj Uddin of Keshabpur Palichara village of Sadar upazila, got married to Zakia, daughter of late Khalilur Rahman of Baidyanathpur village in Sayar union of Taraganj on August 13, 2015Is.At the time of the marriage, according to the demand of Masud Rana’s family, 3 lakh 50 thousand rupees, furniture, gold necklace and earrings were given.

In June this year, Masood wanted another two lakh rupees to do business. At 11:30 am on Wednesday, Zakia was pressured to bring two lakh rupees from her brother. When Zakia refused, Masood beat her with a belt and a bamboo stick. At one point Zakia lost consciousness. Zakia’s brother Azizul Islam found out about the incident on his mobile phone and rescued him that evening and admitted him to Taraganj Upazila Health Complex. Visiting Taraganj Upazila Health Complex on Thursday, it was seen that Zakia was groaning in severe pain. Signs of injuries all over his body. He is crying from time to time. In a tearful voice, he said, ‘My mother-in-law used to quarrel with me verbally. When my husband heard about my mother-in-law, Mok almost killed me. What time is it to kill, you are the shadow of Fakirani. If you get married in another place, Mui (husband) gets money at the fair.

I am making a mistake by marrying you. I live with your brother and bring two lakh rupees. My husband and mother-in-law are mocking me on Wednesday morning for not bringing that money. Omar Dangot has lost my knowledge .Masood Rana said on his mobile phone, “Brother, my wife does not listen to me. Does not want to improve the world. Arguing verbally. The head is not right, that’s why I brought itShahadat Rahman, medical officer of Thataraganj Upazila Health Complex, said Zakia had numerous marks of injuries all over her body. He is being treated at the hospital.

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