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Perching method has become popular in Sakhipur

Aminul Islam, Sakhipur (Tangail): The Pulses Festival (Parching Festival) has started in Aman Field with the three slogans of protecting the crop from pests and diseases, reducing the use of pesticides and producing crops in an environmentally friendly manner. The local Department of Agricultural Extension has taken the initiative to plant stalks in the planted aman fields with the farmers of different villages of Sakhipur upazila of Tangail.
And for this reason, the ‘perching method of aman field insect control has become popular among the farmers of the upazila. This method is an agricultural friendly technology to protect the planted aman fields from the attack of harmful insects. There are two types of perching methods commonly used called ‘live perching’ and  ‘death perching. Farmers use this technology to get higher yields. In addition, the cost of pesticides in the land is low and the balance of the environment is maintained.
On the spot, different areas of the upazila have been visited, the green paddy fields of the farmers of the village are swaying in the wind. There are 10 to 12 bamboo twigs or tree branches per acre in the field. In that perching (pole) different species of birds including finches, storks and doyles are sitting. Realizing the opportunity, the harmful insects in the paddy field are eating those birds.
According to the Upazila Agriculture Office, aman paddy has been planted in about 15,080 hectares of land in 25 blocks of the upazila this season. Potential paddy production target is 70,695 metric tons. Harmful grasshoppers, leaf-rolling beetles, caterpillars and midge insects attack these planted fields. Therefore, in order to protect the crop from the attack of these insects, about 60 percent of the farmers in the upazila are benefiting by using perching and light trap methods. In this regard, several farmers said that the use of perching method has reduced the use of pesticides.
So this method has gained wide popularity among us.
Asked about this, Anwar Hossain, a farmer of Kirtankhola village in the upazila, said, I have used perching method in the field this year. There is no cost in this. Farmer Danesh Ali of Hateya village said, I have cut the branches from the house tree and buried them in the field. The birds sitting on that branch are eating the harmful insects of the field. This is benefiting the rice plant, as well as maintaining the balance of the environment.
Delwar, a farmer from Ichadighi village in the upazila, said, “Through the festival, I have planted dead branches of 10 trees in my one acre crop field.” I went to the field for a few days and saw birds sitting on the branches, and flying insects. I like to watch this scene. Even though I have seen it before, it is better this time. Hasmat Ali of Kalmegha village and Shahadat Hossain of Kalian Para village of the upazila made similar commentsAnisur Rahman, Deputy Assistant Plant Protection Officer of the Upazila Agriculture Office, told my news that when a tree branch is buried in a paddy field, the birds sit on the branch and eat the insects.
As a result, there is no need to use pesticides in that land. Crops can be produced in an environmentally friendly manner. He said farmers used to bury tree branches in crop fields long ago. Current agricultural scientists have researched and invented the method of planting pulses in the field to protect the crop from insects.
The Department of Agriculture is continuing its activities to spread this method among the farmers of Sakhipur this season.
Upazila Agriculture Officer, agronomist Niyanta Barman told Amar Sangbad, “I am working to bring almost all the farmers of the upazila under perching system.” The perching method is an agricultural and environment friendly method for the farmer. This method has gained popularity among the farmers. Farmers can use this method to protect their crops from insects at no cost. He said aman paddy has been planted in 15,080 hectares of high yielding varieties in Sakhipur this season.
Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officers from our office have gone to the villages to celebrate the festival and have arranged for the farmers to plant stalks in the fields. He himself is supervising this activity and said, what will be the benefit of burying stalks in the field; The farmer is being explained on the spot. He also remarked that if the farmers get the benefit of this year, they will bury the pulses in the field every year with their own enthusiasm.

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