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People flock to the janaza prayers of the district Juba Dal president in Habiganj

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj /

The first janaza prayer of Mia Mohammad Ilias, two-time chairman of Habiganj Sadar Upazila No. 2 Richie Union and president of District Juba Dal, owner of Diganta Paribahan Gari was held with the participation of lakhs of devotees.

Habiganj Shahi Eid Gaon was held in the presence of lakhs of people on Thursday (October 28) at 11 am. Later, at 2 pm, after the second janaza prayers at Jalalabad village, he was buried at the family graveyard.

Advocate Md Abu Zahir MP, MP from Habiganj-Lakhai constituency, Alhaj GK Gauch, general secretary of district BNP and cooperative affairs secretary of central BNP, Awami League and central BNP leaders and workers participated in the janaza prayers.

He died of a heart attack at around 4 pm on Wednesday. Her younger brother died a week earlier. Since then he has been emotionally broken. Mia Mohammad Elias was about 45 years old. His untimely death has cast a shadow of mourning everywhere.

It is known that he was known as a good man in his political life. Richie has twice served as chairman of the union. His praise is everywhere. His door was always open to anyone. Mia Mohammad Elias was known by one name from young to old. When the news of his death spread, the shadow of mourning is falling on all quarters of Habiganj district.

A responsible amiable man is lost from us. People of all classes gather at his house to catch a glimpse.

He is survived by his wife, 1 son, 1 daughter, father, brother, sister and many other relatives.

Incidentally, last Wednesday was the 45th founding anniversary of Juba Dal. On this occasion, he came to Habiganj last Tuesday night to celebrate the founding anniversary of the party. In the morning, Mia Md. Elias’s rally was taken out from in front of the party office at Cinema Hall Road in the city. He later went home. When he went home, he felt chest pain while eating lunch. He was immediately taken to Chander Hasi Hospital. The doctor on duty there declared him dead.

When the news of the death of Mia Md. Elias, the owner of Diganta Bus, which was plying on Habiganj-Dhaka and Habiganj-Chittagong roads, spread, the shadow of mourning fell all over the city. Leaders of various political and social organizations, businessmen and people from all walks of life rushed to his residence in the post office area of ​​the city to see him for the last time.

Note that the younger brother of Mia Md. Elias died in a hospital in Dhaka on October 18. Sajidur Rahman Saju. Earlier, two of his brothers died.

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