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People are returning to Dhaka with health risks

Thakurgaon Representative :

The people of Thakurgaon are returning to Dhaka with health risks in pursuit of livelihood. “Even though the vehicles were allowed to run before Eid, the vehicles were stopped after Eid. Now that the garments have been opened, how can I go to Asra? All the money is gone when I come home on Eid, now it costs a lot of money to go by truck like this. How much money you have will end up on the road. Shall we go to Dhaka and eat? This is how garment worker Shahnaz Begum was talking about the hardships. ”

News of the opening of all industries, including garments, started on Sunday (August 1). Working people who came home on Eid-ul-Adha have started returning to Dhaka.

Due to non-operation of public transport, working people have been rushing towards Dhaka from the bus stand of Thakurgaon city on Saturday (July 31) morning, ignoring the rain.

Nowhere is the minimum hygiene being observed. Health experts believe that this could increase the risk of coronary heart disease.

Garment worker Hasinur Rahman said in the Thakurgaon bus stand area, the garments will be open from Sunday. I am going to Dhaka by truck as there is no bus service. If we poor people don’t go to garments tomorrow, what will happen if we lose our jobs?

Sirajul Mia of Thakurgaon worked in a garment factory at Fatullah in Narayanganj. He said there would be no job unless he kept calling from Garments. So I was forced to go to Dhaka by truck with a rent of six hundred rupees and fifteen hundred rupees.

Officer-in-charge of Thakurgaon Sadar Police Station Tanvirul Islam said the police were obstructing the truck carrying passengers. We are trying. People should not go in any freight truck.

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