October 19, 2021, 12:08 pm

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People are dying at the Jaintapur border, the bowlers have collapsed!

Sylhet Correspondent: People are dying at the Jaintapur border in Sylhet, cows and buffaloes are entering the country. This is like a sanctuary for smugglers. Their running is not stopping even during the coronation period. Some money-hungry unscrupulous BGB and members of Jaintapur police are giving opportunity to all these rumors. However, the mass smuggling of Indian cattle and buffaloes has been shelved. Cows and buffaloes are entering Bangladesh freely. This does not give a headache to the senior authorities of the administration.

It has been learned that every night hundreds of cows and buffaloes are entering Bangladesh freely through Ghilatail, Tiprakhla, Kamalabari, Phulbari, Goybari, Alubagan and Lalakhal under the border area of ​​19 BJB. As a result, the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is losing crores of rupees in revenue (duties). And the guru of these plays is Rafiq Ahmed of Hemu Haudpara village, the so-called ruling party leader who suddenly became a millionaire from zero in Fatehpur Union No. 5 of the upazila. In the meantime, he has bought a huge amount of land in the local area including Sylhet city with houses worth crores of rupees. He is establishing Ram kingdom in Haripur Bazar area. Besides, lobbying business is being carried out in Jaintapur Model Police Station by breaking the name of the party. He has lobbied in numerous cases including murder, robbery, snatching, rape and drugs. There are allegations that the smuggler also pays around Rs 1 lakh to the officer-in-charge of the police station every night. He is accompanied by a large syndicate group of smugglers. He has close ties with the BGB in the border areas.

He is now a millionaire from Zero using the name of one of the ruling MPs (ministers) of Sylhet 4 constituency. At first, he used to smuggle banned Indian Nasir Uddin leaf bidis, sugar, bicycles, date expiration packets, milk, sarees and other goods into the country. After that, he changed his mask and joined the present government party. His rise began. Jainta-Gowainghat border area was chosen after cutting the strategy. Through the BGB-police brokers, crores of rupees of government revenue are being evaded and smugglers are being allowed to enter Bangladesh freely. In this way, he earns a lot of money with both hands.

Searching in the local area, it has been found that there is no business trade in the path of Rafiq from the past to the present! He has become a millionaire from zero in a short time by resorting to smuggling. However, a secret source said that Rafiq is out of the law for the time being as he is in charge of the ruling party even though he is under surveillance. But the mysterious but true fact is that as soon as any news is published against him, he tries to cover it up. Otherwise, there are cases of disappearances and murders lying on the forehead of that journalist. The police also responded to his words.

Meanwhile, a concerned source said that most of the Indian cows and buffaloes entering Bangladesh are being brought to Haripur Hat Bazaar and sold. The Jaintapur Upazila administration is playing the role of spectator. Sylhet administration’s other allied forces are silent in this regard! Thus, speculations have appeared in the conscious court. According to them, the corona virus is now rampant in neighboring India. Meanwhile, smugglers are freely bringing these cows and buffaloes into the country, which is not auspicious at all. They said the Bangladesh government has also imposed restrictions on border crossings. But even after all this, the smuggling of smugglers is not stopping. They think that the country is now under the threat of Kovid-19 because of some money laundering extortionist BGB-police members.

However, the number of corona virus infections in Sylhet has increased many times more than before. There is no shortage of deaths. Every night these cows and buffaloes are being scattered in different parts of the country including different alleys of Sylhet. The hygiene rules are not being followed. On top of that again get unhealthy fattening cows and buffaloes. Every trafficked cow and buffalo has some kind of injury mark.

Maqbool Ali, 28, son of Jamal Miah of Kendri Jhingabari village, was shot dead by Khasia at the Jaintapur border on Tuesday (May 4th) due to the reluctance of the Bangladesh BGB (Border Guard). The young man was also an active member of the smuggling syndicate. The smuggling business has not stopped even after that. As usual, they avoid the matter when the smugglers and the BGB or the police take any statement. However, despite the efforts of the elite force of RAB 9 to stop the smuggling, they failed to stop the cows and buffaloes due to invisible reasons! Besides, the law is falling apart from the rugby bowlers.

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