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Pavel: A successful young Youtuber 

Mahfuz Sazu: Pavel Khan is a successful young youtuber. He is from northern district of the country Lalmonirhat. His original name is Md. Pavel Khan, but he is well known as “Pavel Bhai” on social media and youtube. He is also known as the youngest digital creator, influencer and Youtuber.

Pavel influencing a young age group towards digital opportunity. He grabbed his chance at the age of 16 when he entered the world of Youtubeing and digital creator and soon worked hard enough to change its definition by becoming an expert. What makes him even more of a goal-reacher is his unwavering adherence to change according to the needs of the environment around and always be updated with the changes in technology.
He believes in ‘to have all control over the potential field one is planning to pursue; once this is done one can master it in no time’. He also believe that one should know to hold ”the chance” that comes our way. One needs to trust himself/herself and never stop exploring, the success will come in handy is what we learn from this young gentleman.
His Youtube channel ‘Pavel Bhai’  is at the top of gaining a lot of popularity in a very short time. He is an actor who has taken place in people’s minds in a short time. Pavel was born at Mohendronagar in Lalmonirhat Sadar upazila on 1st September 2001. He went to Rajshahi in 2015. He then engages himself with acting over time.
He made videos in his regional language. Which forces people to fall in love with him. Now with his acting, he has easily taken place in people’s minds. He is also a great Digital creator, Influencer and Entrepreneur. He is gaining popularity  in Bangladeshi Young Generation.
Pavel said, “I am a strong believer of opportunity giving and for sure where I stand is also through the same. I think some video I have been trying to shape my dreams for long. I noticed many stood against me but I knew, if I want to create best, I need to stop listening opinions of others and look after what my heart wants me to become”. He wanted to see how far his desires can take him and there he found himself with views which were increasing daily, he added.

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