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Patenga beach in Chattagram changed completely

Md. Nesar Ahammed: The previous environment at Chattagram beach has completely changed. Beauty is taking thirsty people to another place of unique height of enjoyment. Chattagram has a unique environment of sea, river and hills. In Chattagram, the beach adjacent to Patenga has become a new destination for tourists. For these reasons, you can also include Patenga beach in your list when planning to visit on Eid and different days.
A five and a half kilometer walkway has been constructed for walking along the Patenga beach. Flower gardens have been planted along the banks. Small rest chairs and colorful stones. Various rides and seating for children, walkways and green gardens have been set up. Crowds of visitors to Patenga beach have increased more than before. Even at night, the lighting continues to flood the entire beach. Due to these reasons, the number of tourists has increased manifold. Every day thousands of people march on the beach. In the face of many of them, this beach has surpassed Cox’s Bazar in terms of beauty enhancement. Tourist Mausumi Ahmed said, “Although Cox’s Bazar beach is the longest beach in the world, Cox’s Bazar has not developed much infrastructurally.
I was amazed to see the pictures of Patenga beach. One of the facilities for the visitors is beyond imagination. So I left. Some people walk down the walkway and walk on the sand of the sea. He bathed in the water with the waves of the sea with joy in his mind.
 Fascinated by the scent of flowers blooming in the garden, he enjoyed the luxury of the sea. Riding in a speed boat, he is circling the sea.
On the other hand, the tourist police and the beach community police have been seen to be active in the safety of the visitors. Security is tightened, especially during the holidays, with extra visitors in mind. Visitors flock to the beach every day from noon to 9 pm to watch the sunset. In the same way, you can go deep in the sea by speed boat. However, so far no tourist-friendly structure has been developed and the visitors have to suffer.
Many shops, including food stalls, have sprung up in the shade of Zhaoban along the beach. The mouth of the Bay of Bengal and the mouth of the Karnafuli River can be seen by walking along the Zhaoban to the south. Patenga has also become quite popular for its street food that brings delicious living water at very low cost. Not to mention the fried crabs with spices. Which is served with a plate of gram flour garnished with cucumber and onion. A Burmese market has also sprung up on the beach. Patenga Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Utfal Barua said that since the opening, a team of police has been deployed every day to ensure the safety of the people who come to the beach On duty. Besides the police, tourist police and beach community police work for the safety of the visitors.The number of white-clad forces has been increased, especially during the holidays, keeping in mind the safety of additional visitors, police officials said.

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