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Parimani can be banned in all bars and clubs in Dhaka

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Actress Parimani came into the limelight amid allegations of rape and attempted murder inside the elite Dhaka Boat Club. Four days after the incident, the Dhaliwood heroine revealed the allegations in a post on social media Facebook.

He then demanded justice through a press conference at his home. This caused a storm of criticism about the elite club in the country-wide discussion of the bride. The next day, when Parimani took her written complaint to Dhaka’s Savar police station, the police registered it.

Police arrested three more women, including Nasir Uddin Mahmud and Ami, chairman of Mahmud Kunj Developers Limited, an entertainment and cultural member of the Dhaka Boat Club and an established businessman, in connection with the case.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of talk and criticism about elite clubs and actresses. At the same time, the All Community Club in the capital’s Gulshan held a press conference and accused the bride of drunkenness and vandalism. Then there are allegations against him in Banani Club (although the incident took place six months ago).

Rumor has it that in view of these incidents, the members of the club culture community have started thinking about banning the popular actress Parimani from all the elite clubs in Dhaka.

According to sources, actress Parimani has alleged that she was raped and tried at the Dhaka Boat Club. Meanwhile, on the day before the incident, Parimani came to the All Community Club in Gulshan and misbehaved and vandalized the people of the club management. He vandalized the Banani Club six months ago at a function organized by a star couple. Although Parimani is not a member of any of these three clubs.

According to the source, many members of the club culture community are demanding a ban on the bride. They say the issue needs to be taken seriously. These clubs are a community of elite and civilized people. The people of the country are creating negative perceptions about the club culture due to these behaviors of one girlfriend. This is tarnishing the honor of the club.

According to the source, the decision of all Dhaka club committees and members is being considered to ban the entry of brides in elite clubs in Dhaka.

Meanwhile, those involved in acting and film say that Parimani is not a member of the Bangladesh Film Club, an organization of those involved in the film industry. He did not even come and go there. They also have no information about the decisions of other clubs.

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