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Paikgachha Upazila Health Complex Decreased caesarean section, increased normal delivery

Puran Chandra Mandal Paikgacha (Khulna): Compared to last year, the number of normal deliveries is increasing day by day.This success is mainly due to the guidance of the government’s health department and above all Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Nitish Chandra Goldar on 8 August 2019 at the Upazila Health Complex After taking charge, the number of caesarean sections has decreased under her supervision and the number of normal child births has increased.

Even a decade ago, people used to give birth to normal children through midwives without going to the hospital. But in recent years the commercialization of private hospital-clinics,Many people complain of regular masohara, fear of not being able to bear the pain of childbirth, the pressure of parents for various reasons, including the rate of childbirth in Caesarean section. Paikgacha Hospital is also under it.

Even then, the midwives have now returned to their previous state. This has been done by taking various programs to increase the sincerity, service quality and awareness of Gaini doctors and sisters as per the instructions of the health officer. However, due to the business mentality of some unscrupulous doctors and healthcare providers, the culture of this caesarean section was growing day by day. Many clinics offer package systems for Caesarean section.

Government hospitals and private clinics have performed caesarean section on 90/95 out of 100 patients. Besides Although the district level is supposed to monitor the issue of civil surgeons and departmental level directors (health), many have blamed Sudhisamaj for not doing it properly. Whatever the reason, they have called on the government to step up surveillance to stop unnecessary caesarean section and continue this trend of normal childbirth.

On-the-spot information reveals, A total of 1,546 patients were admitted to the maternity ward of Paikgachha Upazila Health Complex in 2019. Of these, 404 had a caesarean section, 454 had a normal delivery, 60 had a referrad and 629 had recovered.

In 2020, a total of 1,488 patients were admitted. Of these, 235 had a caesarean section, 597 had a normal delivery, 76 had a referrad and 560 had a recovery.

A review of the data shows that the number of caesareans in 2020 has halved compared to 2019 and the number of normal deliveries has increased significantly.

Khalida Begum, 20, of Alamtala village in Lashkar union, who was admitted to the hospital, said, “I have given birth to a son.”
When my labor pains started, I was admitted to the government hospital. The doctors and nurses of the hospital checked and informed that the child would be delivered normally.Caesar does not need to be done.

Pressing for Caesar from home.But if the doctors dare, I am not mentally ready for a normal delivery. Yesterday at noon I became the mother of a son. Me and my baby are healthy.

OT in-charge Reena said, “We do proper counseling of patients for normal delivery as per the advice of Gaini Consultant.

In this regard, Dr. Sujan Kumar Sarkar, Gynecologist and Junior Consultant, said, “I am working to implement a specific plan to increase normal delivery in accordance with the guidelines of the government and in collaboration with the current Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Nitish Chandra Goldar.” I hope that the result will be a milestone in the delivery section not only in Khulna district but in the whole of Bangladesh.

Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Nitish Chandra Goldar said, “We are working relentlessly to reduce the infant and maternal mortality and increase the number of institutional deliveries to achieve the SDG targets.” The people are getting the benefits.

The number of patients in the hospital is less in the case of Covid-19. Even then, our current achievements are satisfactory. He further said that all services including examination for pregnancy medical services are running 24 hours a day. He urged everyone to come to the hospital for prenatal and postpartum checkups

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