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Padma Bridge is a symbol of self-reliance and self-respect of Bangladesh: President

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President. Abdul Hamid said the implementation of the Padma Bridge has given the country and the people the courage to stand tall with confidence in the world court.

He said this in a message given today on the occasion of the inauguration of the dream ‘Padma Bridge’. The Padma Bridge is expected to be inaugurated on June 25 tomorrow.

The President expressed satisfaction over the auspicious inauguration of ‘Padma Bridge’, a symbol of self-reliance and self-respect of Bangladesh. He extended his best wishes and congratulations to all those involved in the implementation of this project.

The President said that one of the prerequisites for the socio-economic development of a country is the development of communication system. As a result of adoption and implementation of extensive development activities of the government, unprecedented improvement has been achieved in the communication system of the country.

Many mega projects including Metrorail, Elevated Expressway, Karnafuli Tunnel are being implemented. Today, the dream Padma Bridge stands as a symbol of the nation’s glory in the heart of the turbulent Padma.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is leading from the forefront of these achievements. Due to his courage, strong steps and timely decisions, the construction of the Padma Bridge has been possible with the own funds of the Government of Bangladesh.

“The implementation of this bridge has given us the courage to stand tall with confidence in the world as a symbol of wealth management, transparency, efficiency, accountability and efficiency,” he said.

Abdul Hamid said the successful implementation of the Padma Bridge is the result of united efforts of the government and the people. Overcoming all adversities, the long cherished dream of the people of the country was realized through the inauguration of the Padma Bridge.

He hoped that the bridge would play an important role in the socio-economic development of the country through increasing trade, investment and industrialization. He wished successful implementation of all mega projects in the country like Padma Bridge.

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