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Online meeting titled Cultural Diversity of Netrokona Region organized by Barsik

Munayem Khan, Netrokona: online virtual exchange meeting titled “Cultural Diversity of Netrokona” was organized by Barsik Netrokona Region at 11 am on Sunday, July 18. The meeting was moderated by Md. Ahidur Rahman, Regional Coordinator, Netrokona Region. .Barsik Netrokona, Manikganj, Satkhira and Rajshahi region staff along with 6 men and women of different races, religions, castes, professions and languages ​​from remote areas of the country participated in the meeting.
Syed Ali Biswas, Director, Barsik Netrokona Region, said in his welcome address: .He depends on his profession.Besides, people of different professions including farmers, fishermen, blacksmiths, potters, poets, writers, drama personalities, Kabirajs live in Netrokona area.
Poet Nirmalendu Guna greeted all the participants at the beginning of the discussion on the cultural diversity of Netrokona. He shed light on the current situation of the world and the country of the global epidemic Kovid-19. He advises wearing a mask at all times and following hygiene rules to prevent infection. .Speaking about cultural diversity, he said, Our culture is about everything that happens or happens in our lives. Only music, dance, recitation of poems, reading of books, plays, journeys are not culture. Our dress, food, habits are all part of the culture. We learned the habit of drinking tea and sitting in chairs by the British, which has now become a part of our culture.The channel is now broadcasting songs by many Netrokona poets, writers, lyricists, composers and artists. Many playwrights, poets, lyricists of this region have written many notable and rich books of poetry, lyric plays, plays, films, journeys. Among the cultural personalities of the region are renowned writers Humayun Ahmed, Professor Zafar Iqbal, Kannupa, Bari Siddiqui, Baul artist Ukil Munshi, Rashid Uddin, Radha Raman. Humayun Ahmed has acted in his plays and movies with the cultured people of Netrokona region. Many of his songs have been sung by Netrokona artists. He also briefly discussed the cultural diversity of the Garo, Hajong and Hudi indigenous peoples in the border areas of the Netrokona region.
 He added, The cultural history of Netrokona is comparable to a thousand-year-old Charyapad.
The culture of Netrokona is reflected in Mymensingh Geetika. Before the Charyapas, we had no idea about the culture. But at present the culture of Netrokona region is very rich and popular. Hindus, Muslims, Christians and followers of traditional religions live in Netrokona. .Over the past several years, Western (English culture) culture has infiltrated our culture. For example, chairs, furniture, dress, language, food, speeches, etc.a mixture of Western culture can be noticed.
According to him, culture has improved a lot in modern times. The development of technology has resulted in many improvements in the communication system. .With the advent of some electronics devices, it has become easy to have virtual conversations, meetings, seminars and trainings with people from home and abroad at home. In a short period of time, goods from home and abroad are being available at home, which was not possible even before. In the time of world poet Rabindranath Tagore, one had to travel from one country to another by ship for a long time. Since the invention of the aircraft, it has been a matter of time to travel abroad. The groundbreaking development of the medium of communication has resulted in easy communication between different local and foreign people, which has resulted in a mixture of different indigenous cultures in our culture. There are many places in the country which are better known in English than Bengali. Many English words have made it easier to express thoughts. Each region has a different regional language, we speak the regional language with the people of the area.
Poet Nirmalendu Guna further said, Significant development has also taken place in the field of agriculture and industrial production. The country is now self-sufficient in food production due to the emergence of high yielding and hybrid varieties in agriculture, fisheries and cattle rearing. Our country is now exporting food to different countries. Sending food aid to two countries. The culture of Netrokona region is very developed. Literary, playwright, filmmaker and educationist Humayun Ahmed, Professor Zafar Iqbal, famous Baul artist Bari Siddiqui, Ukil Munshi, Rashid Uddin, Radha Raman, Miraj Ali, Jalal Khan, Kashimpuri, Raushan Ezdani and many others are in the regionCultural people have been born.Due to their touch, the Bengali culture i.e. the culture of Netrokona region has become very developed and rich and is standing tall in the world culture. The present Bengali culture is much improved now. So now it is not only necessary to have the culture of Netrokona, but also the culture of different regions and countries.

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