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One year after Raihan’s murder in police torture: Judicial proceedings have not yet begun, apprehensive family

Sylhet Bureau:

Monday marks one year since Raihan’s murder in police torture. But Raihan’s mother and wife are still going door to door hoping for justice. Although a year has passed since the shocking murder, the trial has not yet begun. Due to the corona infection, there has been a slowdown in the proceedings. Besides, the investigation of the police departmental case has not been completed in the last one year.

The slow pace of investigation into the case has led to frustration among members of the Raihan family. They are still on the streets demanding justice. On Sunday afternoon, the day before the one-year anniversary, Raihan’s mother and wife took part in a human chain to demand justice for the murder. At that time, they also brought Raihan’s one and a half year old baby girl Alpha.

Raihan’s mother Salma Begum and wife Tahmina Akter Tani demanded that the trial of Raihan’s murder be completed by taking part in the human chain at the premises of Sylhet Central Shaheed Minar.

Raihan Ahmed, 33, a resident of Akhalia area of ​​Sylhet city, was picked up by the Bandarbazar police outpost in Sylhet on the night of October 10 last year. The family alleges that he was tortured there overnight. Raihan died the next morning, October 11. Raihan worked as an assistant in a doctor’s chamber in the stadium market area of ​​Sylhet city.

Raihan’s death was first reported by the police as ‘death by mass beating on suspicion of kidnapping’. However, Raihan’s family has been accused of torture and murder from the very beginning. Preliminary investigation by the Sylhet Metropolitan Police also found evidence of torture.On October 12, Tanni, Raihan’s wife, filed a case with the Sylhet Katowali Police Station under the Death (Prevention) Act.

On May 5, the investigating agency, the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI), filed a chargesheet against six people, including five policemen. The court last accepted the chargesheet on September 30. However, the trial has not started yet.

Meanwhile, a search committee was formed by the metropolitan police after the case. The committee investigated and found Raihan tortured in the outpost.

Following the recommendation of the inquiry committee, four people, including Sub-Inspector of Police (SI) Akbar Hossain Bhuiyan, in-charge of the Bandarbazar outpost, were suspended on October 12 and three others were withdrawn. The PBI, which is investigating the case, arrested three people, including Constable Harun. However, the main accused Akbar escaped from police custody on October 13 and fled to India. He was arrested on November 9 last year from the Kanaighat border in Sylhet.

The investigation of the departmental case has not been completed in a year-

According to police sources, nine departmental cases were registered against five policemen, including Akbar, and nine others, including SI Abdul Baten, the first investigating officer of the case at Sylhet Kotwali police station, soon after his suspension. The investigation of this case did not end in a year. Years have passed. Five of the nine policemen in the departmental case are accused in the Raihan murder case. SI Abdul Baten, ASI Qutb Ali and two constables are attached to the Metropolitan Police Lines on a temporary dismissal order.

According to sources in the investigation of the departmental case, according to the PRB (Police Act), there are two types of departmental punishment (minor-guru) against a police member if he is involved in criminal activities. Permanent dismissal from the job under severe punishment. In the case of minor offenses, only the removal or demotion from duty. Of the five policemen charged in the departmental case, only Akbar could be sentenced to life imprisonment, sources close to the investigation said.

Of the five policemen charged in the murder case, the investigation into Akbar alone is nearing completion this month. The investigation into the other four is expected to be completed this month.

Asked about this on Sunday, Sylhet Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner (North) Azbahar Ali Sheikh said the departmental investigation activities of the police are not included in the criminal case. This is being investigated internally by the police. The allegations against the accused are being analyzed and investigated. The testimony of some people has already been taken. Among them are the police and the common people. Besides, the statements of the accused have also been taken. The investigation report against them will be sent to the police department. Later they will be punished according to the departmental law.

The next date of the case is November 2-

On May 5, seven months after the incident, the investigating agency, the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI), filed a chargesheet in the case. SI (suspended) Akbar Hossain Bhuiyan, in-charge of Bandarbazar police outpost, was made the main accused in the chargesheet.

The other accused are ASI Ashek Elahi, Constable Harun Aur Rashid, Titu Chandra Das, SI Md. Hasan Uddin and SI Akbar’s ‘friend’ is Abdullah Al Noman (32), a journalist from Companiganj upazila.

According to court sources, the chargesheet was filed in the court on September 30 after four months due to the Corona situation. The court then fixed November 2 for the hearing. On that day, an arrest warrant was issued against Abdullah Al Noman, the only accused in the case.

The court’s public prosecutor (PP) Syed Shamim Ahmed said the issue of tampering with the arrest warrant of the fugitive accused could be raised on November 2. He said the trial would normally start in so many days after the chargesheet was filed. However, the corona has been delayed due to the situation.

Concerned family-

On the eve of the anniversary of Raihan’s murder, his mother Salma Begum and wife Tahmina Akter Tani and family members took to the streets to express their frustration over the delay in the trial. They also demanded the execution of the killers.

Raihan’s family members, including Salma Begum and Tahmina Akter Tanni, were present at the human chain held at the premises of Shahid Minar in Chauhatta on Sunday.

Speaking at the human chain, Raihan’s mother Salma Begum said that even though the accused were arrested, many were late in filing the chargesheet. We are a little disappointed. If necessary, the case should be handed over to the speedy trial tribunal and the trial of the case should be expedited and exemplary punishment should be given to the accused.

Raihan’s wife Tahmina Akhter Tani, who was present at the human chain, said Noman, who had helped her husband’s killers, had not yet been arrested. No matter what country he is in, he should be quickly arrested and brought to justice with the help of the country’s administration.

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