May 18, 2022, 3:36 pm

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One Ten Gambling Board’s godfather Suruj Ali’s dormitory raid

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Staff Reporter :

Police raided the dormitory of Suruj Ali, the godfather of the One Ten Gambling Board in Chunarughat and Shayestaganj. At this time the gambling hall became a pond. Police have arrested two drivers along with the vehicle. However, Suruj Ali and his associates escaped.

Shahin Mia, a private car driver from Shankhla village in Chunarughat upazila and Kabir Mia, nephew of Suruj Ali, a CNG driver from Kashipur village and the godfather of the gambling ring, were arrested.

According to the police, Suruj Ali, Abdul Jalil, Kamal Mia, Iman Ali and other gamblers of Kashipur village have been carrying out destructive gambling in the name of One Ten by pulling Tripal from 9 pm in different secluded places including Barampur, Kashipur and Shankhala for a long time. And VIP people are joining these events. They come from different districts in private cars and Nohayoga, get off the new bridge at Shayestaganj, leave the cars in front of petrol pumps and various hotels, and go to these spots in CNG or auto rickshaws, evading the police. Later he set up a gambling hall all night. In these halls various entertainments including drugs are going on. On Monday night, based on a tip-off, a group of police including Chunarughat Police Station OC Ali Ashraf raided Suruj Ali’s dormitory in the area and arrested two people.

During interrogation, the detainees said that Suruj Ali of Kashipur and Jalil of Habiganj had been holding gambling halls for a month. They work as drivers for Rs 1,000 per person per night. Police have filed a case against several people, including two detainees.

The OC said the police operation to nab Suruj Ali and other gamblers was continuing. If they are caught, they will be punished through mobile court or sent to court.

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