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On the occasion of Mujib’s year, the opinion of those who received the PM’s house in Boalkhali has been met

Syed Md. Nazrul Islam, Boalkhali (Chattogram): There was a piece of house, which was swallowed by the river Karnafuli long ago. There is no earning man in the house. Her husband died before her. There was no opportunity or ability to build a house. In a small rented house, I would spend my days with my son in boundless hardship and silently raise my hands and cry to Allah. In the end, Allah Almighty understood and accepted my longing. I got a beautiful house from the side of the Prime Minister. After a long time, there has been a place of confusion. The words were said by Khatija Begum, a destitute and helpless person of Sreepur-Kharandwip Union No. 6, living in a gift house. Siraj Mia, a 70-year-old man from West Gomdandi area, said, “I sold the land given to me by my late grandfather to my cousin to save my sick child.” They had to endure a lot of torture to leave the house early. Where to go with wife and children? I could not sleep at night thinking.

I could not even dream that I would get a new house with land. Sheikh Hasina’s government will give me a house. I will be able to live in such a beautiful house at the last age. I am very happy about this. I pray for Mujib’s daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Only Khatija Begum of No. 8 Sreepur-Kharandwip Union and Siraj Miah of West Gomdandi area, no, many like them are now happy to get a pucca house with various facilities.

According to the upazila administration sources, the right to asylum, Sheikh Hasina’s gift is the slogan. On the occasion of the centenary of Mujib, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave 48 shelter project houses among the landless people of Boalkhali upazila. Under the Prime Minister’s Shelter Project, in the first and second phases, 47 families in Boalkhali were provided with these houses with 2 percent land.
Of these, 16 houses were constructed in Karaldenga Union, 15 in Jaisthapura of Sreepur-Kharandwip Union, 12 in the traditional Lala Hat of Saroyatali Union and 2 in Bangura Horarabagh Khitapachar. The construction cost of each house is estimated at 1 lakh 90 thousand rupees.

During a recent on-the-spot inspection, the occupants of these houses said that they are very grateful to the government for providing them with these houses without any money transaction. Local Upazila Nirbahi Officer Nazmun Nahar and the UP chairmen of the area are very happy with the way they are looking for them all the time.

According to day laborer Budu Mia, a resident of Kanungopara area, the house was sold to his father for his sister’s marriage. I could not build a house due to lack of money. Today I have spent my days here and there in the sun and rain with great difficulty. Sheikh’s daughter has given us a beautiful house today, we are very happy that she gave us a little space.

Krishna Saddar, a resident of Amuchia Union No. 9, looked around at the house allotted to him and said that he liked the semi-finished house very much. Adjacent kitchen with living room. Drainage system is also good. There is electricity. There is water. Now we can all live very well with family. Many thanks for this.

When attention was drawn to this, Boalkhali Upazila Nirbahi Officer Nazmun Nahar said, “As per the government policy, the houses of the shelter project have been constructed in a standard manner and provided to the beneficiaries.” Allotted homeless families are living comfortably with their wives and children. He told reporters that he was keeping a close watch on all the beneficiaries of the shelter project.

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