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OC’s campaign in mosques to create awareness in Goalanda

Sheikh Momin: To prevent the spread of the epidemic Corona virus and the outbreak of dengue fever and waterborne diseases and child marriage in the current monsoon season, drug-free awareness, Under the direction of DIG, Dhaka Range, Md. Habibur Rahman, he conducted a public awareness campaign with the worshipers before the Friday prayers in different mosques of Goalanda Upazila of Rajbari: OC of Goalanda Ghat Police Station, Muhammad Abdullah Al Tayabir. In its continuation, on Friday, August 27, before the Jumma prayers at Goalanda Ghat Thana Jame Mosque on Friday, the outbreak of dengue fever related to corona virus, Provides awareness of the prevalence of waterborne diseases in the rainy season, child marriage and drugs,

Goalanda Ghat Police Station OC Muhammad Abdullah Al Tayabir said, “I am talking to all of you today on the day of Holy Friday. We have repeatedly spoken to you to make the Goalanda Ghat Police aware of the Corona situation.” The Corona situation is not over yet, people are still dying in Corona, be aware of Corona and everyone should follow the hygiene rules announced by the government. Even though the death rate has come down a lot, we will all be aware of the corona virus. In addition to the corona, another problem is that the low-lying areas around your house, shop, market or house are frozen in the rainy season, there are flower tops or there are abandoned pots, where the water is frozen, mosquitoes breedEither way, dengue mosquitoes are emerging from there.Dengue fever is such a bad disease that many people who get dengue die. That is why everyone is aware. As the incidence of dengue fever increases, we all become aware that dengue fever does not occur. Besides, water borne diseases like pests are coming in this monsoon season, especially due to water borne diseases, which can cause various problems in the stomach. Also water borne diseases are spreading. All of you should be aware and stay healthy. There are people in the market or in the union. Many of you have heard the names of the police. This bit policing is a modern service of policing. The Hon’ble Inspector of Police has introduced this service. You have this bit of policing office in every union and area. If you have any problem, such as come to the police station, you have an office near your house, you go there, you have all the problems, the officer force is there in the bit office, you go there, you go there, you say any problem, you solve your problem as well as yoursIf there is any problem in the area that you think is a social problem, such as dowry, child marriage, eve-teasing, drugs, juvenile gang, you have to inform our officers and solve your problem. Inshallah we believe we can provide good service to all through police. Drugs are a terrible problem in society. The country is being harmed by this horrible problem of drugs, your children are being harmed, you are being harmed in the family, there is unrest in your family, your children are slowly getting worse because of drugs, we have zero tolerance on drugs. If you have any information about the drug dealer, give the information of the drug dealer near your house or near us, we will arrest all those drug dealers, and bring them under the law. If you wrap yourself up and don’t reveal that someone is selling drugs next to your house and if you don’t give information then that drug dealer will sell drugs to your child one day, sell drugs to your brother, that drug is your childYour brother will be harmed, one day you will see that the effect of this drug is creating unrest in the family and the family, that is why there is no way to get rid of drugs.You are socially responsible so that you are not harmed socially and this is your responsibility. We, the police, are with you to inform the drug dealers and we will arrest the drug dealers. Besides, I would like to say another thing. During this corona period, there are unnecessary quarrels between husband and wife in the family due to various reasons. Above all, we are always trying to keep the law and order situation good with our limited manpower. We want the cooperation of all of you and with the participation of every citizen, we will maintain a good law and order situation through the Goalanda Ghat Police Station of Bangladesh Police and inshaAllah we will maintain a good environment. That is why we want your cooperation.

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