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Occupying government land in the name of market in Fultala

Samsul Alam Khokon, Fultala(Khulna): The huge work of building the market has started by occupying the government land by installing the signboard of ‘New Market’ on the west side of Fultala bus stand adjacent to Khulna-Jessore highway. Another signboard shows Nigar Sultana, the owner of the land, Farida Begum, the mother, and 26 per cent of the land. However, the construction work is going on occupying at least 40 feet of khas land and roads and towns along with its own land. A shady kadam tree has already been cut down from government land.

Nigar Sultana, wife of the late Amirul Islam, a resident of Miyapara area of Khulna in Damodar Mouza No. 18 of Fultala Bazar, recently started construction of a market on the land acquired from her mother, the late Farida Begum, a resident of Damodar. His son Bobby (42) is taking care of the work. Construction work is being carried out by occupying at least 40 feet of land and roads adjacent to Khulna-Jessore highway (west side of Fultala bus stand). The occupants cut down the pedestrian tree that provided shade to the pedestrians on the land.

Besides, the market is being constructed by occupying 6% of the government khas land in the 23/1076 dag of Khas Khatian No. 1 of Damodar Mouza. Asked about the occupation of government land in this regard, Nigar Sultana and her son Bobby said on their mobile phones, “We have done the same by occupying the land in front of the roads and villages.

” The kadam tree has been cut down due to the difficulty of construction work on our land. Acknowledging the government’s occupation of khas land, Bobby, son of Nigar Sultana, said, “We may have khas land on our land, but it will be released if the government needs it.” On the other hand, Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Ruli Biswas said, “I did not know about the construction of the market by occupying government khas land.” If any person commits such act, action will be taken after investigation.

Chairman of the Upazila Parishad Alhaj Sheikh Akram Hossain said that not only the government’s khas land, but also some other people in the vicinity are accused of occupying the land. Soon government land will be recovered and land ownership disputes will be settled.

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