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OC Pradeep and his wife will have the property with the state, the receiver is being appointed

Md. Nesar Ahammed: The main accused in the murder of retired Army Major Sinha Mohammad Rashed is Teknaf Model Police Station in Cox’s Bazar The court directed the deputy commissioners of Chattogram and Cox’s Bazar to appoint receivers.Chattogram Metropolitan Sessions Judge Sheikh Ashfaqur Rahman passed the order on Tuesday morning following an application by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

The ACC filed a case against Pradeep and his wife in August last year for allegedly acquiring illegal assets worth around Tk 4 crore through bribery and corruption. ACC court inspector Emran Hossain said the court had ordered the appointment of a receiver under the supervision of the state for the movable and immovable property in the name of Pradeep and his wife. According to ACC sources, Chumki has been absconding since Pradeep went to jail. On Monday (June 28), Riaz Uddin, the investigating officer in the case and assistant director of the ACC Chattogram applied to the court for the appointment of a receiver.

The court said the property in the name of Pradeep and his wife had already been seized by the court. A six-storey house at Patharghata in the city, a house in Sholashahar, a car and a microbus and a flat in Cox’s Bazar should have a receiver under state supervision. On August 23, ACC Chattogram Assistant Director Riaz Uddin filed a case against Pradeep and his wife.

According to the statement, Pradeep’s father was a security guard of the Chattogram Development Authority (Chowk). Pradeep joined as Sub-Inspector (SI) in 1995. Since 2002, his assets have been visible. He will continue to be discussed for various reasons.

The bank accounts of eight people, including Pradeep his wife and the police superintendent of
Cox’s Bazar, have been suspended on the instructions of the Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit.

According to ACC sources, Chumki in Patharghata area of ​​the city has received a six-storey house from his father as a donation. But Chumki’s two brothers and another sister did not get any house from their father. They are living a normal life. It is understood that Pradeep did that house through bribery and corruption. But put in the name of his father-in-law on paper.

In 2013, he registered as a donation letter from his father-in-law. All the properties of OC Pradeep are in the name of his wife Chumki Karan. Chumki housewife. He has no reliable known source of income. The ACC has found evidence of assets worth Tk 4 crore 44 lakh 18 thousand 69 in the name of Chumki.

Of this, he has spent 21 lakh 70 thousand rupees on other expenses including family expenses. Before Chumki’s savings gifts, house rent as a legitimate income of 49 lakh 13 thousand 234 taka assets are available. Excluding legal income, a total of 3 crore 95 lakh 5 thousand 635 taka of illegal immovable and movable assets are found in the name of Chumki.

It is not consistent with his known income. The ACC has found information that OC Pradeep Kumar Das bought the property with the money earned through bribery and corruption and kept it in his wife’s name. Incidentally, on July 31 last year, retired Army Major Sinha Mohammad was shot dead by the police at Baharchhara check post in Teknaf. Rashed Khan.

Sharmin Shahria Ferdous, sister of the deceased, filed a case against Pradeep and nine others in the Cox’s Bazar Judicial Magistrate’s Court. The court on Sunday framed charges against 15 accused, including Pradeep, in the Sinha murder case

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