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Nine shops were gutted in a fire at Pitha-Kumra Bazar in Faridpur

Rabiul Hasan Rajib: 9 shops have been burnt in a terrible fire in Pitha-Kumra Bazar of Faridpur Sadar Upazila.
The incident took place on Friday, June 4 at 10 pm. The idea is that the fire started from the electrical short-circuit of the shop. When the fire spread in a moment, pulses traders Subal Saha, Nirmal Saha, Enayet Mallick, Moti Mallick, Islam Mallick, Mojibar Mallick and 9 nearby shops and goods were burnt to ashes.
Upon receiving the news, 1 unit of Faridpur Fire Service and the locals tried for about 2 hours to bring the fire under control. The locals are initially thinking that the fire has caused a loss of over Rs 50 lakh.
Faridpur Fire Service sub-officer Mostafa Fakir said the fire was brought under control after a two-hour effort. The fire started from the electrical short-circuit of the shop. He said, The amount of damage can be said at the end of the investigation.

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