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Newcomer OC of Ramu Police Station Anwarul Hossain wants to show his work

SM Humayun Kabir, Ramu (Cox’s Bazar):

Newcomer Officer in Charge (OC) of Ramu Police Station, Cox’s Bazar District Anwarul Hossain has joined as. He took over from former OC of Ramu Police Station Ajmiruzzaman on Tuesday. Inspector Anwarul has never worked in the Chittagong Range before, but he has faithfully and faithfully performed the duties of Sylhet OC Immigration, OC of Mogla Bazar Police Station in South Surma Upazila of Sylhet and Inspector (Admin) of the Detective Branch (DB) of the Sylhet Metropolitan Police. Anwarul Hossain said that with the responsibility of OC in Ramu police station, the emphasis was on making the members of the police force serviceable. Not to mention, he wants to show ‘work’.

He said in an interview that people of all religions live in Ramu. Here we will continue to work to maintain the religious recent. The OC said he wanted to eradicate drugs, terrorism, militancy and child marriage. Besides, anti-social activities like theft-robbery, snatching, rioting etc. will be prevented in the area. Noting that there is no compromise with drug and drug dealers, he said, ‘My position against drugs has always been, it will continue. At that time, he said, I have spent 19 years in the police service. I have never been involved with drugs, never will.

Noting that the police will not compromise with drugs, he said that the police will show zero tolerance against drugs. So wherever there are drugs, the campaign will continue. As the Ramu area is a transit area, I am aware that Ramu cannot be used easily in drug transport.

The OC said, “We have stockholders. Allied forces remain. As they are working, we will work under the direction of Ramu Thana Police and District Superintendent of Police and DIG of Chittagong Range. This is an ongoing process. Not only those who have done drug business in the past, new names will also be involved in the business in the future. Strict action will be taken against every drug dealer as per the law. ” The OC said, “I will always work to maintain law and order in Ramu police station by eradicating drugs, being honest and dutiful with the trust placed in me by the higher authorities.” I will repay the trust of the authorities, I will work with challenges, God willing.

He said efforts would be made to resolve land disputes as much as possible. However, there will be no place for lobbyists, touts, butchers and brokers in Ramu police station. There is no charge for case, GD, complaint and police clearance. In response to another question, he said, “The police need training, vehicles, equipment, etc. to work.” These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. ”

The Bangladesh Police carries out many responsibilities including maintaining law and order, curbing crime, arresting criminals, prosecuting cases, assisting in trials, and road discipline.
Traffic jams have been noticed on various routes including Ramu Chaumuhani lately. Pedestrians are suffering. I will work to streamline the movement of vehicles. We are moving forward with the aim of making people move freely.
Is there a separate plan for security? In response to such a question, he said, Ramu areas are mostly inaccessible, transit areas.
We (police) will introduce security measures at different levels. Every police member is new in Ramu police station, the areas that are most at risk will already be identified. We will start working for safety by showing mobility, food petrol, various disciplines. But a little time is needed. He said if everyone including journalists cooperated, drug eradication and law and order situation in Ramu police station area would be better.

Incidentally, when Ramu Police Station OC Ajmiruzzaman was transferred to Dhaka ABPN, he was replaced by Inspector Anwarul Hossain.

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