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Nachole started planting aman in rain water

Md.Ibrahim babu, Nachol (Chapainawabganj): Planting of aman paddy has started in the rain water of Nachole in Barind region of Chapainawabganj. Farmers are now busy in the fields day and night. Due to good seed sowing of the current aman season and continuous rains for several days in mid-Ashar, the farmers have started planting in advance. In other years, farmers start planting aman (chara planting) after the 20th day of the Bengali month of Ashar.

Abdul Qadir Jilani, a farmer from Hankaril village in Nachol Sadar Union, said that in order to get relief from the pain of frequent load shedding of electricity and to save the cost of irrigation from deep tube wells, the farmers have started planting in advance by tying rain water in the middle of Ashar. On the one hand the cost of irrigation and on the other hand the high wages of the workers have also survived. Mizanur Rahman, a farmer from Suryapur village, said there was no shortage of power tillers and workers to start planting in advance and the cost of irrigating deep tube wells was saved.

Bulbul Ahmed, Upazila Agriculture Officer, said that the farmers of Khyatnachol in the Barind region of the district depend on the Barind Development Authority’s (BMDA) deep tube-well, privately owned shallow tube-well irrigation. The farmers of this region start planting aman from 15/20 of the month of Ashar. But due to heavy rains in the current season, the rain water of Ashar month has been tied to the land and early planting has started.

As a result, the farmers have survived the cost of irrigation and the high wages of the workers planting paddy, he said. According to the Upazila Agriculture Officer’s Office, the target for aman cultivation in Nachole this year has been set at 23,155 hectares. Among the varieties of Swarna, Guti Swarna, Bri-51, 61, 65 and 6 and Bina-18 and 22, the target has been set to cultivate 23,120 hectares of Ufsi Aman and 35 hectares of hybrid varieties of Aman paddy. Farmers are hoping for a good yield of aman this year if adequate fertilizer, pesticide and irrigation facilities are available.

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