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Muhibullah’s assassination is another bad example of the government’s failure: Fakhrul

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The killing of Muhibullah, a Rohingya leader and chairman of the Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights, is another bad example of the government’s failure, said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir. He said the killing of Muhibullah had tarnished the country’s image.

“The brutal killing of Muhibullah is another bad example of the current government’s failure to provide security in the Rohingya refugee camps,” he said. The brutal public killing of him in the Rohingya camp has tarnished the image of the country in the world.

He made the remarks in a statement on Thursday.

Muhibullah, a Rohingya leader, was allegedly shot dead by armed terrorists at the Lambasia Rohingya camp in Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar, at 8.30pm on Wednesday.

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, ‘Rohingya leader Muhibullah who was very vocal for the return of Rohingyas to their homeland. On behalf of the Rohingya, he drew attention to the support of the world community. But the government, which has failed to repatriate Rohingya refugees, has also failed to provide security for refugees.

He said, “The worst proof that there is no security of life and property in the country, no law and order, is the shooting death of Rohingya leader Muhibullah in Ukhia.” During the rule of this government, there is no trial even for committing a crime, or even if there is a trial, the criminals are released with the help of the government. If Muhibullah, a Rohingya leader with a strong voice for repatriation, is brutally killed by terrorists in a protected area, it is easy to imagine how dire the overall situation in the country is and how insecure the people are.

The BNP secretary general said, “The failure, incompetence and incompetence of the Nishirat vote robbery government has created extreme anarchy and insecurity in all areas, where there is no security for the lives of the people, foreign nationals or refugees, no guarantee of normal death.” People are lost in the deterioration of law and order. People want a change in this situation. If the current government is in power, the dignity of the country will be tarnished and there will be no security for life and property.

In a statement, the BNP secretary general demanded immediate arrest and exemplary punishment for the killers of Rohingya leader Muhibullah.

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