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Mosque bombing during Friday prayers: 50 killed

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Hundreds of people have been killed in a horrific suicide bombing at a mosque in Afghanistan. The bomber struck shortly after noon in the northeastern province of Kunduz.

International media reports said Friday prayers were being held at the Shiite mosque in Afghanistan when the attack took place.

Citing eyewitnesses and various sources, the international news agency AFP, AP, and Al Jazeera reported that the death toll from the horrific bombing had exceeded 50.

But Reuters quoted a leader of the ruling Taliban government as saying that 28 people had been killed and dozens more wounded.

In a tweet on Friday, Zabihullah Mujahid, one of the Taliban’s spokesmen, said: “A Shiite mosque was bombed this evening. Many of our compatriots were killed and injured in the attack.

Mujahid did not say exactly how many people were killed and how many were injured in the attack. However, he said the Taliban government would properly investigate and prosecute the attack.

No group or individual has claimed responsibility for the attack. However, the arrow of suspicion is towards IS Khorasan (ISK), the Afghanistan branch of the international militant group IS. Because of the bombings that have taken place in Afghanistan since the Taliban took over, IS has been involved.

Many people were praying in the mosque at the time of the blast, AFP news agency quoted local residents as saying. A large number of them were killed in the blast. However, the exact number of people killed is not yet known.

ISK first announced its existence in Afghanistan on August 26, following a suicide bombing at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Airport. 170 people were killed in that attack. Thirteen of them were U.S. Marines, all the rest were civilian Afghan civilians.

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