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Modi apologized to the farmers

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The BJP government finally succumbed to the long-running peasant movement. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the repeal of the three controversial agricultural laws. Not only that, he also apologized to the people for the suffering so far.

In his address to the nation on Friday (November 19), Narendra Modi said, “I apologize to the people. We may have been lacking in austerities. So the agricultural law is being repealed. The laws will be repealed in the parliamentary session starting this month. I urge everyone to leave the movement and start a new day. Now you go back to the field, go to the family.

The Indian Prime Minister said 80 out of 100 people in the country are small farmers. Their land area is less than two hectares. The basis of their life is this small land. There are about 100 million such farmers. It is on this small land that they are working to feed their families. So I worked in the field of seeds, insurance, market and savings. We have made the crop insurance scheme more effective. Farmers involved in animal husbandry and fish farming have started getting the benefit of Kisan credit card. The government is working to improve the social conditions of the farmers.

Modi said three agricultural bills were brought with the country’s small farmers in mind. This demand of the country’s farmers’ organization, agro-economists is long standing. The previous government also thought about this. After that the agriculture bill was discussed and passed in the parliament. Millions of farmers have supported the bill. This law was brought to mind. This bill brought in the interest of the farmers could not be explained to some of us. Those few farmers are opposing it. Yet that is also a big issue for us. We tried to understand them, we also tried to understand them. The government agreed to change the law. Meanwhile, the case went to the Supreme Court.

Earlier, the Supreme Court of India directed the central government to suspend three controversial agricultural laws.

Farmers in India have been protesting against those three agricultural laws for a long time. There were also incidents of loss of life during the protests. However, the farmers did not leave the highway. Meetings have been held with the Central Committee from time to time, but the issue has not been resolved. The peasants continued their agitation even during the Corona epidemic. Finally, the Modi government accepted their demand.

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