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Milon’s rickshaw was not bought With a loan of 50 thousand Got 15 thousand!

Amirul Kabir Suzan, Mithapukur (Rangpur): Milon Mandal, son of Abdul Quader Mandal of Jagdishpur village of Mainpur union in Mithapukur. Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank (Rakab) has taken a loan of Tk 50,000 as a sharecropper in Shukurerhat branch. However, he did not receive the full amount of the loan. Only 15 thousand rupees has been given to Milon Mandal. The local brokers have a large amount of loan money. As a result, Milon did not buy any more rickshaws. Milon Mandal said, “I have applied for a loan of Tk 50,000 as a sharecropper at Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank (Rakab) Shukurerhat branch.

After taking out my loan, local brokers Azizur Islam, Mostafizur Rahman, Lablu Mia and Ahmed members did not pay my money. They have embezzled the rest of the money with only 15 thousand rupees. Abul Hashem Mandal of Jagdishpur village said the Shukurerhat branch of Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank (Rakab) has a brokerage syndicate. They are embezzling money by processing loans to common people, the administration is not taking any action. Abdul Khaleq Mia said that the brokers have embezzled the loan money of Milon Mandal. He took the entire loan amount and gave only 15 thousand to Milon. The members of the broker syndicate have embezzled the rest.

Azizul Islam, a member of the accused brokers’ gang, said an agreement had been reached with Milon Mandal to repay half of the loan. We gave him the money he needed. He wants the whole money now. He further said, out of the money, Ahmed member has taken 12 thousand, for the expenses I have taken 3 thousand, the rest of the money has to be paid to the people of the bank. I have nothing to do. Ahmed Member said, “I have made a recommendation to the bank regarding the loan of Milon Mandal. Before taking the loan, Milon Mandal borrowed 12,000 rupees from me, I took that loan.

Milon Mandal’s father Abdur Quader Mandal said he was supposed to buy a rickshaw with loan money but it did not happen. 15 thousand out of 50 thousand got reconciliation. The people of the brokerage group have shared the money. But, we have to repay the loan money in the bank. To whom shall we judge? Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank (Rakab) Shukurerhat branch manager Khandaker Limon Habib said brokers have no place in this branch. We have repaid the loan of Rs 50,000 to Milon Mandal. If something happens to them, the bank will not bear the responsibility.

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