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Milon, a fisherman who went missing while fishing in the Bay of Bengal, was rescued in an unbalanced condition after 13 years

Kalapara (Patuakhali) Correspondent: Milon Akon (18), a resident of ward 3 of Kuakata municipal area of ​​Patuakhali. Father’s name is Shah Alam Akon. Jailer Milon lived with his parents outside Beribadhen. In 2008, 3 fishermen including Milon, Farooq (12) and Khokon (25) went missing while fishing in the sea. His parents and relatives searched for him in various places including the sea. But other fishermen including Milon were not found. Family members said Milon may have drowned in a storm at sea.

Even if he is not found alive, if his body is found, he searches for the body in different places of the coastal area in this hope. But Milon’s body was not found. Disappointed parents cried for a long time at their son’s grief and started a new life with a mourning stone in their chest. Suddenly, after 13 years, last Tuesday, through a relative of Milon, the parents came to know that Milon was wandering in the Taltali area of ​​Barguna district in an unbalanced condition. Milon’s parents asked him to send a picture of Milon to be sure of such news. Pictures were taken from Taltali and sent to the family.

Milon’s parents identified him by looking at the pictures. Milon’s father Masah and the locals came to India after being caught in a storm by three fishermen including Milon. Milon was imprisoned in India. The injection is then pushed and released. After the effect of this injection the mating becomes unbalanced. On the morning of July 6 (Thursday), her family members including mother Minara Begum went to Taltoli with a trawler. Brought home from Taltoli at noon. Milon is currently 30 years old. Beard on the face. After 13 years, Milon’s family was overwhelmed with emotion. Milon is currently ill. Her family members are serving to heal her.

Meanwhile, on the news of Milon’s return, hundreds of men and women gathered to take a look at Milon. According to Milon’s family sources, Milon got married 4 months before she went missing at sea. The bride has been waiting for her husband to return for five years. Later, her parents took her from their father-in-law’s house to their home and married her. On the news of Milon’s return, his wife rushed to Kuakata to catch a glimpse of Milon. Milon’s father Shah Alam Akon said, “My son Milon went missing in 2008 while fishing in the sea.” He was accompanied by two other fishermen Farooq (12) and Khokon (25). No one came back, I searched for them a lot.

Suddenly two days ago I heard that my son Milon was seen wandering around Taltoli area in a mad state. Later his mother came and brought him. It’s my son I’m pretty sure. Milon’s mother Minara Begum said, “I got my son back in my arms after 13 long years.” I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a boy who can do this. Today I have nothing more to ask for, my son is mentally ill now. I will treat him now. When he recovers, he will be able to tell where he has been for so long. Monir Sharif, councilor of ward 3 of Kuakata municipality, said Milon went missing while fishing in 2007 and today his family is bringing him home from Taltoli. Milon’s father, mother, family members are talking about the cut marks on his body, and I have confirmed his identity through the fishermen who worked with him.

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