May 18, 2022, 3:36 pm

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Millions of people are suffering due to the collapse of the bridge in Sunamganj

Dulal Mia, Sunamganj: The suffering of the people has reached its climax as the bridge on Katakhali-Noagaon area of Chhatak-Doarabazar-Sunamganj road collapsed. At least 5 lakh people of Chhatak-Doarabazar upazila are suffering due to broken bridges and dilapidated roads. As a result, the communication system of Chhatak-Sunamganj inter-district road was cut off. The distance of Chhatak-Doarabazar-Sunamganj road is 28 kilometers. Chhatak-Doarabazar section is 10 km and Sunamganj-Doarabazar section is 18 km. The locals objected while constructing the bridge here. They said that if a bridge is built here, it will not be permanent. At that time the authorities did not take cognizance of them.

Locals also repeatedly objected to the quality of work on the bridge. Later, the fears of the locals came true. The bridge collapsed in the last two years of floods. Residents of Katakhali-Noagaon area said that millions of people have suffered due to the collapse of the bridge. It is always difficult to go to the district town with a serious patient. Passengers have to pay extra fare as the road is broken at present. As evening approaches, passengers have no choice but to reach their destination with almost double or triple the fare. Meanwhile, a passenger was killed when he was caught in a strong current while crossing a ferry boat in the rainy season.

Being helpless, they are risking their lives in this way. Locals demanded construction of sustainable bridges in Katakhali-Noagaon area and speedy repair of dilapidated roads. Selim Ahmed, a resident of Chhatak, said the dilapidated condition of Chhatak-Doarabazar-Sunamganj road. The bridge in Katakhali-Noagaon area has also collapsed. This route could easily reach the district headquarters. But there is no limit to our suffering as the roads are dilapidated and the bridges are broken. We want to get out of this situation. ”

The Chhatak-Doarabazar-Sunamganj road is important for the construction of new bridges as well as for the busy people. “We are trying to reconnect. Proposals have been sent to shift the damaged bridge to a 95-meter bridge. We hope to complete the tender process and start construction of the new bridge soon.”

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