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Mayor Chanu set an example by giving a job to the disabled Aklima

Md. Billal Hossain, Jamalpur: Aklima Akhter, who is physically challenged, came to the mayor on the second floor of Jamalpur municipality after crawling. Mayor Chanowar Hossain told Chanu that Aklima is doing well with her studies up to Masters. Has taken computer training. He does not want to be a burden to the family for life. I can crawl up the office stairs and get a job. He asked the mayor to arrange a job. Aklima wants to live like ten others in the society. Like others who want to take the helm of the family.

Unemployed meritorious Aklima Akhter, despite overcoming her physical disability and getting higher education, made this request to Jamalpur Municipality Mayor Chanowar Hossain Chanu for a job. Mayor Chanowar Hossain, after listening to Chanu Aklima, immediately got a job as a computer operator in Jamalpur Municipality and instructed the concerned authorities to join. After getting the job, Aklima, who is physically disabled, became overwhelmed with emotion. Mayor Chanu set an example by giving a job to the disabled Aklima. In a tearful voice, Aklima said, “I have gone to many people for a job so far.” Has become a news headline. Yet no one arranged a job. Humanitarian Mayor of Jamalpur Municipality Chanowar Hossain Chanu listened to me and arranged a job for me. Today I am no longer a burden to my family.

Mayor Chanowar Hossain Chanu said, “I became the mayor with the promise of working in the service of humanity from the side of the people.” People with disabilities are a part of society. There is no chance of their negligence. The government has introduced special allowances for the disabled. People with disabilities are not a burden to society. They also need to be saved from this catastrophe during the Corona period. We urge everyone to look at people with disabilities with a sympathetic attitude.

Lutfar Rahman, general secretary of Jamalpur Press Club, said Mayor Chanowar Hossain Chanu set an example by giving jobs to disabled women. He urged everyone to come forward like Mayor Chanowar Hossain in the service of the disabled people of the society. Human rights activist Jahangir Selim said he has been working with people with disabilities for a long time. People with disabilities are overwhelmed with joy when they get a little sympathy. If those in charge of administration extend a helping hand like Mayor Chanowar Hossain Chanu, then many disabled people in the society will become self-reliant. He sincerely congratulated the mayor for his work.

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