September 28, 2021, 8:20 am

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Mayor Abdul Malek’s public relations in the 3rd ward of Nangalkot municipality

Belal Hossain Reaz, Nangalkot (Cumilla): Mayor Abdul Malek Kodalia of Ward No. 3 of Nangalkot Municipality in Comilla has exchanged views and made public contact with the villagers with about 4,000 people in all the villages including Gotrashal and Haripur.

He started this mass communication from the party office on Saturday morning. From 8 am onwards, people gradually started gathering in front of the party office.

At this time, seeing Mayor Abdul Malek present, thousands of people from two villages came and filled Nangalkot Bazar with processions. At this time MalekBhaiMalekBhai was shaken by the sound. Who is after them

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