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Maulana Fayez Ahmed protested against the propaganda

Sunamganj Correspondent: Sunamganj 3 Constituency Jagannathpur-South Sunamganj Constituency Former Member of Parliament candidate Shaikh Maulana Fayez Ahmed was once active in politics but now he is continuously playing a commendable role in social development work at home and abroad. As a campaign-oriented social worker, his acceptance in Sunamganj district is increasing day by day. But an insidious group is jealous of his popularity and is spreading propaganda and rumors against him by trying to assassinate his character through various means. He issued a statement to reporters protesting the propaganda.

“I have recently come across an abominable false news against Maulana Fayez Aham in an online newspaper,” the statement said. The news is full of misinformation and the news has been published with bad comments about me which has no truth. Citing the news published quoting Maulana Sharif Ahmed as a source, Sharif Ahmed sent a message on the social media Facebook Messenger to insult the civilized people of the society. But there is no end to Sharif Ahmed’s notoriety. Videos of pornography on his own hidden camera – how he is doing anti-social activities with different women – have gone viral on YouTube and Facebook.

The videos posted with those videos are still on YouTube and Facebook. Which all conscious quarters including civil society are aware of. Due to his misdeeds, his first wife divorced him in 2015 after 15 years of marriage. He also paid compensation to his first wife as punishment. Even after all this, Sharif Ahmed was not corrected. Later, when he remarried, his second wife protested against his misdeeds and started torturing him. At one stage, the elder brother of the second wife rescued the injured sister with the help of the police. Earlier, Maulana Sharif Ahmed, both of us living in the same area in Bangladesh and because he was my assistant in different organizations and his wife’s family being my relatives, they both spoke to me on the phone at different times to resolve these complications.

But due to the escalation of torture and lack of trust in Sharif Ahmed, his wife took all possible steps to legally assert her rights through lawsuits. He was angry with me for not resolving his case and I protested against the wrongdoings as much as possible. He was involved in my second wife and started spreading propaganda with false information by opening fake IDs on Facebook. If I seek justice from the community leaders and ulama kerams against Maulana Sharif Ahmed on these issues, on 23 May Markazul Uloom, the eminent ulama kerams and community leaders of Britain settled the matter through an arbitration meeting in London.

Shaykh Maulana Asghar Hossain, Shaykh Maulana Abu Saeed, Shaykhul Hadith Mufti Abdur Rahman, MA Rahim (CIP), Imam Farid Ahmad Khan, Principal Maulana Shuaib Ahmad, Mufti Abdul Muntakim, Alhaj were present at the arbitration meeting. Uddin etc. Also present were Mufti Hassan Noori Chowdhury, Alhaj Abdul Mushabbir, Mufti Saleh Ahmed, Alhaj Syed Amirul Islam, Alhaj Athar Chowdhury, Master Fazal Uddin, Alhaj Joynal Abedin, Maulana Fazlul Haque Kamali, Maulana Misbahuzzaman Helaliz, Mawlid , Alhaj Alauddin, Alhaj Sirajuddin, Asadur Rahman, Junaid Chowdhury and other Alim Ulama are various political and community leaders. In the arbitration meeting, we both read the paper again and again and signed it in front of everyone. Through this, all misunderstandings are resolved. But according to the custom, three days after the meeting, Maulana Sharif Ahmed started spreading propaganda against me again. And by publishing news against me in online magazines, civil society individuals are sending messages on Facebook Messenger and various mobiles. I am constantly being disrespected by the civil society due to his propaganda. I strongly condemn and protest against the false news that has been published against me in online magazines to satisfy these false motives.
—- Maulana Fayez Ahmad

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