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Many are shocked to see the sketch drawn by Imran, a schoolboy from Chuadanga Every picture drawn in pencil seems to be alive

Maherabbin Sunvi, Chuadanga: a amazed to see his sketches now from that attempt to draw himself. There is no way to understand by looking at his eye sketches that he is still a teenager. In a short time, he can look at the pictures and draw the exact picture through sketches. There are countless wonderful pictures in his own photo gallery.

Imran has a different focus on drawing different abstract paintings. He has many famous pictures in his possession. In addition to sketching, he is also interested in making skeletons out of dead animal bones. He made a dead turkey and a rabbit-shaped skeleton by burying a dead turkey and a dead rabbit in the ground. He also soaked and melted the paper to make an exact model of the human skeleton. There is no end to the interest of many of his classmates. He sketched a picture of The Vinci in such a way that, no matter where he looked at it, he was looking at the picture, in his mind, as if Einstein was looking at him. He is drawing such wonderful pictures now.

Imran says he will do better if given the chance, his school teachers hope. Multiple teachers at VJ Government High School think that if Imran is given a chance, he will be able to develop himself as a good painter. Imran’s classmate Nazmul Islam said that Imran sketches very beautiful pictures. Many of us are fascinated by his pictures.

Talking to the young painter Imran Ahsan, he said that he has shown keen interest in painting. Imran Ahsan said, I have been fond of drawing since childhood. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to learn anywhere, I tried it myself. As I used to draw at first, now I do much better than him. At first no one got much cooperation or encouragement. Now many appreciate it. It feels good. I dream of developing myself as a great artist.

“I always enjoy drawing,” said Imran. It feels good to draw. So as much time as I get in the gap of study, draw pictures.

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