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Manipuri Ras Purnima is surrounded by festivals

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Maharasalila, the largest religious and traditional festival of the Manipuri community, one of the small ethnographic communities in Greater Sylhet, is going to be held next (November 19) on Friday. The day will be celebrated around the male incarnation of Hinduism Sri Krishna and his friend Radharlila with the sound of tumultuous hai chai, dhak-dhol, khol-kartal and conch shells with joy and enthusiasm.

Moulvibazar’s Kamalganj Upazila’s Madhabpur and Adampur Manipuri inhabited villages are now in full swing. The work of painting is going on in the mandapa mandapa. Silent melody is playing in the air of the area now. Ras is coming. Ras is coming. On this day at noon there will be Gosthalila or Rakhal dance in the open stage premises of Shivbazar in Madhabpur. Maharasalila is the main soul of Ras in the twin mandapas at night. So the children are dancing in the backyard of the Manipuri village house. Dance training is going on. The instructor is showing the dance poses. A dance rehearsal is going on somewhere. Shepherd dance somewhere. These are now last minute preparations. Ghasamazar is the last stage to perfect the dance.

Raslila is the main religious festival of the Manipuri community. Apart from the people of Manipuri community, thousands of people irrespective of other races, religions and castes will join the festival. The mandapa premises of Madhabpur and Adampur will be abuzz with the walks of thousands of men and women, children and teenagers, poets and writers, journalists, domestic and foreign tourists, well-known and talented people and senior officials of the administration. The mandapas of Madhabpur and Adampur are decorated with elaborate designs of white paper. Lighting has also been done. The skillful dance performances of Manipuri child dancers will captivate millions of fans and visitors throughout the night. In this festival of Manipuri Palli, people from different parts of the country and also from India, including people of Manipuri community, irrespective of race and religion, come to enjoy the Maharasalila program. This time the 179th Ras festival is at Madhabpur Jor Mandap. Manipuri Maharasalila Seva Sangha is the organizer of Madhabpur Rasmela. Manipuri Vishnupriya community. Gosthalila or Rakhal dance will be held in the open stage premises of Shivbazar in Madhabpur. At night, in the twin mandapas, the soul of the rasa is Maharasalila. On the other hand, the Manipuri Maitai community is organizing a separate Rasmeela at Adampur in Kamalganj. This will be the 39th Ras festival. There will also be shepherd dances and rasalila as usual. However, Manipuri Bishnupriya and Manipuri Maitai are organized in different places, but the flow of the festival, the juice, the joy-prayer are all the same. The inner theme of the festival is world peace, harmony and true human love.

According to the organizers, training and rehearsals of ras dance and shepherd dance have been going on in six houses for about a month to make the ras festival a success. Rasanritya in 3 and Rakhal dance in 3. Training has been arranged under 3 pairs of mandapas in Madhabpur. There is a priest in each mandapa. On the advice of that priest, a trainer trained the gopis or artists according to the religious rules. Gopibeshi artists range in age from 16 to 22 years. Only Radha is 5 to 6 years old. At least 12 people take part in each dance group. In the same way, 20 to 22 people in the age group of 14 to 15 years take part in each group of shepherd dance.

According to the organizers of Rasmeela in Madhabpur and Adampur of Kamalganj, the main presentation of Maharasalilal will start from 11 am with ‘Gosthalila or Rakhal Nritya’. Krishna’s childhood as a shepherd will be presented in the group dance. It will contain the details of Krishna’s friendship and Vatsalya juice. The shepherd dance will continue till dusk. From 11 pm there will be a dance of sweet juice or following the maharasalila of Sri Sri Krishna. The dance will continue till dawn (Brahma moment). In the dance, the artists will express the words, songs and melodies of Krishna’s melody with the gopinis.

Shyam Singh, general secretary of Madhabpur Manipuri Maharasalila Seva Sangha, said all preparations for the Rasotsab are already underway. This year’s Rasotsab will be held in accordance with the health rules prescribed by the government. He said Planning Minister MA Mannan MP will be present as the chief guest at this year’s Rasotsab discussion meeting.

How to get there:

You can go directly to Kamalganj by train from Dhaka. Sylhet-bound Parabat, Upban and Jayantika Express stop at Bhanugachh Railway Station in Kamalganj Upazila Sadar. Apart from this, other trains can easily reach Madhabpur and Adampur from Shamsernagar railway station in Kamalganj. .

Apart from Fakirapul and Saidabad in Dhaka, Hanif Enterprise, Shyamoli Paribahan, Sylhet Express etc. will have to come to Srimangal. From Srimangal you can reach Kamalganj (Bhanugachha) by bus or auto rickshaw. From there you can go to Madhabpur and Adampur in the same way.

Where to stay:

There is no better way to stay in Kamalganj. Arrangements for staying close are the bungalows of the private company ‘Heed Bangladesh’ next to the Lauyachhara forest, the Kamalganj post bungalow, and also a few other good places to stay near Kamalganj. There are also several modern cottages, including the Swiss Valley Resort, located next to Shamshernagar Airport. You can also spend less at local residential hotels and guest houses in the Vanugas market area.

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