September 19, 2021, 5:33 pm

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Mahalchhara culvert collapses due to steep slopes and torrential rains, distressed villagers

Shahidul Islam, Khagrachhari: The Mahalchhara culvert on the side of Golabari Union Highway in Khagrachhari Sadar has collapsed due to steep slopes and heavy rains. As a result, the movement of vehicles and common people on that road is completely stopped. This is causing misery to the villagers including local traders.

It is learned that the culvert was constructed in 2015 with the funding of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board for the movement of villagers. The culvert is located on the Chittagong-Khagrachhari Link Road in the district headquarters. The culvert would allow the villagers to move freely.

A few years later the bottom of the culvert broke slightly. From then on, heavy vehicles stopped plying on that road.

However, autorickshaws, small vehicles including Bhatavati used to move. But the culvert broke on Wednesday morning due to heavy rain and heavy rain last night. As a result, the residents of 3 villages of the area and the locals of Mahalchhara are suffering.

Charu Bikash Tripura, local youth representative and president of Green Voice’s Khagrachhari district committee, said the culvert at the entrance of the Chittagong-Khagrachhari link road had collapsed, disrupting the flow of daily necessities.

He added that they are crossing the canal next to the broken culvert by spreading wood over the canal and making a temporary bridge. If the rapid communication system is introduced, the suffering of the people here will increase.

Golabari Union Parishad Chairman Gyan Ranjan Tripura said it was a Mahalchhara culvert on the Chittagong-Khagrachhari Link Road. I heard it broke. However, our Union Parishad has no such budget. Therefore, the matter has already been informed to the concerned authorities.

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