December 2, 2021, 4:18 pm

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Madrasa teacher arrested in Boalkhali

Sayed Md. Nazrul islam, Boalkhali (Chattogram): Police have arrested a teacher named Hafeez Md. Jaker (19) for raping 5 madrasa students in Boalkhali.

Police said he was arrested late Monday night from the Taibia Taheria Darbesiya Sunnia Orphanage and Hefzakhana at his workplace madrasa.

The arrested Hafez Md. Zak is the son of Nabi Ahamed of East Kataria area of ​​Banshkhali upazila. According to the complaint, the accused teacher Hafeez Md. Zaker used to give intrigue and bad offers to the students of this madrasa located in 5 Sarowatli Union of Boalkhali Upazila at different times. If anyone tried to speak loudly about this, the inhuman torture of this teacher would come down on him.

No one dared to open his mouth easily against him for fear of this. Worshiping this silence of the students, the teacher at Lumpat was continuing inhuman sexual abuse on the innocent students day after day. Recently, a few days ago, when the news of the brutality of 5 teachers at the same time in Lumpat became known, there was an uproar among the local parents.

When the teacher wanted to flee, the agitated locals informed the police. Boalkhali police arrested him from there and brought him to the police station. Later, a guardian named Md. Abu Siddique of the local Uttar Kanjuri village lodged a written complaint with the police station and the arrested teacher was handed over to the court under the relevant section of the Women and Child Abuse Act.

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