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Love is on the way to dream victory through darkness

Sunamganj Correspondent: The family of Narayan Barman and Mani Barman lives in a hut on the banks of Baulai river in Tahirpur upazila of Sunamganj district. Narayan Varman fished in rivers and haors. His wife Mani Varman also works as a laborer in stone breaking machines. This is how the family is struggling with poverty. According to the results of the recent admission test in the medical college, the second child of Narayan and Moni Barman couple, Pranoy Barman, got the opportunity to get admission in Sir Salimullah Medical College by being ranked 438 in the merit list.

It is learned that Narayan Barman has been fishing in front of his house in Baulai river and adjacent rivers Matian, Shani and Tanguar Haor. He has set nets in rivers and haors every day in the rainy season to eat rice with his wife, son and daughter. And from the sale of that fish, rice is supplied to Narayan Varman’s family. Narayan Varman has also become unemployed due to day and night work and fish famine.

Mani Barman said, “I can’t eat rice properly in Pulapan. I used to study in Cam. Still I am trying my best to read this Pulada. My head is cracking and my nose is cracking many times while pulling stones. Life is for me. ” Pranoy Barman passed fifth class from Tahirpur Government Primary School, SSC from Tahirpur Government High School and HSC from Sylhet Government College.

Pranay Varman said, “I have achieved this through the inhuman labor of my parents and the blessings of the people. My goal was to become a doctor in the service of the country. But now I am worried about the cost of my future education.”

Tahirpur Upazila Nirbahi Officer Padmasan Singh said, “If there is effort and interest, the goal can be achieved. Pranoy Barman has shown it. Moreover, the government is now providing various assistance in education. This has created opportunities for poor students to study. I will try. “

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