October 22, 2021, 4:45 pm

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Long queues of vehicles at Daulatdia in Goalanda

Sheikh Momin, Goalanda (Rajbari): Long queues of vehicles have formed at Daulatdia Ghat in Goalanda. Due to strong currents in the river and pressure of livestock trucks, long traffic jam has been created at Daulatdia ferry terminal. Ever since the strict lockdown announced by the government was relaxed, the Daulatdia ferry terminal, known as the gateway to the south-west of the country, has witnessed a flurry of homebound passengers.
On Thursday (July 15) morning, a visit to the ferry wharf revealed that there were long queues of vehicles from the zero point of the wharf to an area of ​​about 8 km on the highway. Especially the animals and people in the trucks are suffering in extreme suffering. The sun and heat are increasing as the day progresses. As a result, they are getting tired from the long sun and heat from the empty streets. And the animals in the car are also likely to get sick.
Milon Sardar, a cattle trader from Kushtia to Dhaka, said he came to the ghat area at 9pm. Couldn’t get on the ferry yet. As the heat and sun rise, the cows are getting sick in the sun. He said I am going to Dhaka with 6 cows. The cows are likely to be hit stock as a result of waiting for a long time. I would have survived if I could have got on the ferry faster.
Sohag Mollah, a passenger from Dhaka, said, “I left early in the morning to go home to the village as soon as the strict restrictions imposed by the government were relaxed.” I sat for a long time to cross the ferry at Paturia Ghat. I finally had to cross the ferryDespite suffering, I am going home to celebrate Eid.
BIWTC Daulatdia Ghat branch manager Jamal Hossain said there was strong current in the river due to rising water. There is also the pressure of livestock trucks. That is why there is a long traffic jam waiting for the ferry at Daulatdia Ghat. There are 15 ferries running on this route. Animal trucks are also being passed on a priority basis. He added that two more ferries are ready for the homecoming passenger and animal trucks to pass smoothly ahead of the upcoming Eid.

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