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Lockdown: Roads in Chattogram are empty army checkposts at every turn

Md. Nesar Ahammed: Restrictions on seven days of severe lockdowns have begun across the country amid widespread restrictions on coronavirus infection control.
In this ‘all-out lockdown’ that started from last Thursday morning, the highways in the commercial capital of Chattogram are very empty.
Apart from vehicles of government and various service organizations, some rickshaws are also plying on different roads. Although some private cars were seen moving, the number was very low.
Police have set up barbed wire barricades in addition to check posts at street corners. No one is allowed to be on the streets without an urgent need. In the morning, army patrols were seen at New Munsurabad junction, Alangkar, GEC junction and New Market, area adjacent to Chattogram AK Khan.
Troops have been deployed across the country to assist the civilian administration in enforcing government restrictions. 106 executive magistrates have been deployed in the field to run the mobile court.
Offices, courts, public transport, shopping malls have been closed. The public has been requested to stay at home.
Hundreds of people have been arrested in different areas of Chittagong commercial capital for not being able to show good cause on the streets.
For several days now, there have been warnings of severe punishment for leaving the house without an urgent reason.
Chattogram Police Commissioner Saleh Ahmed Tanvir told a press conference on Wednesday that action would be taken under Section 269 of the Penal Code if anyone violated the ban. No private vehicles will run on the road. Only rickshaws can run.
“If a situation arises where 5,000 cases have to be arrested on the first day, we will do the same.”Article 269 of the Penal Code of 1808 states that if a person commits an act which is illegal or negligent, which may spread a life-threatening disease, despite knowing or having reason to believe, he is liable to six Months Imprisonment, or fine, or both.Law enforcement vehicles have been patrolling various roads in the capital since morning to enforce restrictions. Mike is asking everyone to stay home.
The background of such harshness has been created over the last few days. Coronavirus infection was reported in 8,822 people in one day on Wednesday, the highest ever. Another 115 people died in 24 hours. Lockdown: 108 magistrates will be in the field to run the mobile court the army will be there for 7 days to implement the lockdown Arrest-case if released without urgent need: CMP
Last Wednesday, the daily detection rate exceeded 25 percent. In other words, one in four samples tested positive for the virus. The patient’s pressure in the hospital has also increased as compared to a week ago.
Even in such a situation of infection, people have left Chittagong like a current before a severe lockdown. This was after the announcement of the ban in April after the start of the second wave in mid-MarchLockdown

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