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Locals with patients in extreme distress in front of the entrance of Goalanda Upazila Health Complex

Sheikh Momin: A long line of vehicles is being formed to weigh the vehicles in the vehicle set up by BIWTC at the court premises of Goalanda Upazila Dhaka-Khulna Highway in Rajbari. This is causing traffic jam on the highway for a few kilometers.
Locals, including patients, are suffering due to the closure of the entrance to the Goalanda Upazila Health Complex on the side of the highway.
It has been reported that the vessel has been crippled since last Thursday, as a result of which the consignment receipts of the goods vehicles coming to collect the weight slip have to be handwritten along with the receipts. That is why it is taking much longer than usual. Traffic jams are being created in the scale area on the highway as the vehicles could not cope with the long pressure. The gate of the nearby Goalanda Upazila Health Complex was closed due to traffic jam. Small and big vehicles are forced to get stuck in traffic in this area for a long time. In addition, long-distance transports on the busiest highways are stuck in traffic for a long time, causing various problems. Again, these vehicles have to go to Daulatdia Ghat after only 6 km from the scale and read the long serial again. As a result, passengers and drivers are suffering extra.
Turning to the ground, it can be seen that there are many problems as two vehicles are coming along the highway on the opposite side of the scale. Besides, the approach road has been broken and ditches have been created. In this way, the trucks carrying the weight have to go around a lot of places and get up on the scale. At that time, due to these vehicles, the highway was blocked and traffic jam was created. Traffic jams sometimes occur on the highway up to 2-3 km from the scale when the traffic is closed. Due to the traffic jam, there is a risk of an accident at the Goalanda railway gate and the only road to the Upazila Health Complex is closed. At this time, an emergency patient comes in front of the hospital and gets extra embarrassed.
Delays in slipping the weight of the truck resulted in a long line of trucks on one side of the highway and the road was closed as the vehicles were facing the other half. At that time bus-trucks were forced to stand on the road for hours. Traffic jams were created on both sides of the scale for 2-3 km of Dhaka-Khulna bound vehicles. As a result, there is additional suffering due to Weskel.
Talking to some locals, they demanded that the vehicle be relocated, saying that the scale was causing long traffic jams almost every day from morning to noon and even every night. In this way, the image of Daulatdia Ghat can be seen here as well. Even the only entrance to the health complex was closed due to traffic jams, leaving many suffering with patients.
Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation BIWTC Daulatdia Ghat Branch Manager. Shihab Uddin said that since last Thursday, due to mechanical faults in Wescle T, slips are not being given in the digital system, slips of weight of each truck are being given by hand. Which is why it takes a little time. Regarding the traffic jam, he said that when the police released the truck from the Goalanda junction at once, a temporary traffic jam was created in the Weskel area. The appropriate authority is then informed to relocate the scale

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