October 17, 2021, 10:02 pm

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Locals want the Muktijuddha road in Phulpur to be speeded up.

Md. Abu Raihan, Phulpur (Mymensingh): Mymensingh Phulpur Upazila 6 Payari Union 3rd Ward 3 rural road is covered with mud and is causing misery to the people. But no steps have been taken to reform these roads for a long time. There does not seem to be anyone to see the condition of the people walking on these roads during the monsoon season. The condition of this unpaved road in Sahapur Bazar-Mankanda Road, Ward 3, Ward No. 6, Payari Union, Phulpur Upazila, is quite dilapidated with the movement of about 6-7 thousand people from 3-4 villages. There is no end to the suffering of the locals on this 3-4 km long road.

Local residents Md. Shahjahan Mia, Azizul Hakim, Shafiqul Islam, Awami leader Mustu Mia said that these roads in ward no. 3 of Payari union became completely impassable only when it rained. As soon as the rain falls, the mud becomes monotonous in the water. Many fell and were forced to return home before reaching their destination. Agricultural crops like paddy and jute are rushed to the market. Kids can’t go to school on time. Decreased attendance at school. There is a risk of major damage as the sick patient cannot be taken to the hospital on time. Although these people have confessed their sufferings year after year in the hope of getting relief from misery, the road has not improved.People from far and wide use these roads regularly. Districts, Upazilas and even Union Parishads have to go this way. Elabasi is suffering regularly as there is no step for road development.

Asked about this to local UP member Mosharraf Hossain, he said no work was being done even after lobbying in the upper house about the road.

These roads are unsuitable for traffic even in the dry season. Most of the people in the village travel on foot.

At that time, Sahapur Municipal Ward 3 Awami League President Jamal Uddin said The roads connecting the rural areas are now unsuitable for the movement of the people and have caused extreme misery. It is necessary to take necessary steps for the development of roads considering the difficulties of the people.

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