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Let there be a cleansing campaign against the journalists

Arun Sarkar //


Let there be a cleansing campaign against journalists all over Bangladesh including Sylhet. There are many questions in the minds of the people about the purification campaign. There is hope. It is everyone’s wish that the people of the country will be satisfied with the cleansing campaign. However, it can also come out with sensational information. Also prepare a list of those who are involved in the news trade. It is also very important to take stock of the wealth. Because we all know that journalism is a completely non-profit and non-political profession. Known as the mirror of the nation, this profession is Lundvand today. Just quarrels and quarrels all around. This has brought down the journalism profession. The various organ organizations are building like an umbrella of anonymous frogs. The scattering of Sylhet is the most. YouTube channels, including some unnamed online media, have changed the entire media world. All these have become big walls for publishing objective news. Like free-floating perennial aquatic plants, the whole of Sylhet is covered by all these communications. Although there are a handful of online media outlets, there is a possibility that they will be crushed and controversial. That is why the harvest of their evil deeds is affecting them as well. They are scattered from division-district to upazila level. Some are also looking at it as capital. The objective media is losing its life prematurely over time.

How many motorcycles can be seen on the roadside in 24 hours? Day and night they come to the police station area. Many people are playing cards in this profession again. The highest demand is greed in different upazilas. The journalists of the national and local dailies are now in their throats. Piagg sellers, newspaper vendors, top terrorists, people with sources of identity, smugglers, drivers, polythene traders, self-defense under the guise of politics and land grabbers, all kinds of identities are also becoming journalists today. They are also now journalists, avoiding the intelligence surveillance of the administration.

Meanwhile, if we do research, we will see that many good print-electronic media journalists are also involved in various types of criminal activities. One of these is the levy trade. Without money they are not willing to write a report or publish it on the pages of a newspaper. Many people took the money before publishing the news again. The cameramen are just like the reporters. It is the fault of some political officials, business associates, gurus to block footpaths, shelters of some unscrupulous gangs, money laundering trade as border guards, drug lords, gamblers, women scoundrels, etc. Gure sand together!

In fact, the profession of journalism has now become an addiction. Mysterious but true is that many do not even know the ins and outs of journalism. But they are also journalists. They have anonymous organizations. But they do not know at all that no organization gives birth to journalists but journalists give birth to organizations.

Surprisingly, it is true that a small number of national dailies are regularly published on a small scale throughout Bangladesh. And the owners of other out-of-the-way magazines grabbed large sums of money and hung cards around their necks. They achieve their interests by handing out cards and distributing 10-15 newspapers 3-4 days a week without any verification. At the end of the month, the cost of the newspaper was taken away from their representative. Contrary to the government management policy, these journalists are sitting in Dhaka and counting a lot of money. It goes without saying that the higher authorities of the government (Ministry of Information) are not paying attention to this.

If you look, you can see that most of the journalists in Sylhet are from different districts and upazilas. The locals are comparatively much less. So their list must also be verified. It is the moral responsibility and duty of the government to know who is involved in any business behind the scenes of journalism. It is heard that if they do not take part in the program, the families of the so-called journalists will not eat. Their program is money laundering. In fact, the program does not eat the head? It can be said that it is an allergy. In the morning, they ignore him. Just as vultures find dead objects, so they search for them. In the true sense, they have no humanity, no cool water or maya. They have turned this profession into a trade now. In a word, news means trade! Nowadays, the word honorarium is no longer heard in their mouths. Alas, the unfortunate multi-faceted nation of journalists. No one knows why they love to swim in the ocean.

However, the most important thing against them should be to pay tribute in the name of news. For this, the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has to be more strict. It is necessary to find out whether the owners of the newspaper or channel are paying the honorarium of those representatives properly. It is necessary to make policies. If there is no test, then the place of accountability of the students will be zero. That’s why you have to control it with your hands and pen to have time. Then we will see how many magazines are regularly published in the country.

How many journalists are taking part in that fight? Then there will be no more online media or electronic media including print media. If there is a mistake in policy making, the media will continue to scatter in this way. Although I know that after the publication of this article, many people will be struck by lightning. But there is nothing to do, accept the reality ahead It is wise to move forward. Therefore, the government should immediately think about the future of the journalists in Sylhet and identify the bourgeoisie, extortionists and terrorists. To conduct proper research on electronic media personalities including national-local and weekly dailies. Intensify the investigation in the newspaper press in the capital Dhaka. To increase surveillance even in the remote divisions and districts of the country and to ensure good security including honorarium and security for the journalists. It is possible to repel termites.

Writer and journalist
Arun Sarkar

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