June 22, 2021, 9:27 pm

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Landowners hold press conferences and demonstrations to protest against illegal terrorist activities

Dewan Sabuj, Ishwardi: Proud project of Sheikh Hasina’s development progress. Hundreds of men and women in the area, including peasants, sharecroppers and victims, have been forced to demand settlement in their own name in accordance with the rules of the partial railway line acquired by the railway authorities from their main land and intimidated by foreign land grabbers, occupiers and terrorists. An emergency press conference and demonstration was held at Dashuria station to protest against the construction of ponds and reservoirs by Veku machines after the expiry of the license to occupy them as agricultural land and to create dissatisfaction and chaotic environment by selling them to different people at the rate of Tk 9,000 to Tk 15,000. Does.

The acquired dag railway which has been used as their occupied agricultural land from the ancestral period for generations. Most of those acquired railway lands have not yet been paid by the railways. As a result, the original owners of the land are still regularly renting out their land.
In this situation, on 22nd August 2019, the remaining part of their land will be occupied by them as agricultural land by paying government revenue, but the real owners of the land are excluded. Dr. Masum is pretending to be a fake farmer as a pet, taking licenses in the name of his wives and selling them to different people instead of selling them to the real owners of the land.

The two are also accused of occupying 15 bighas in Ishwardi and 9 bighas in Tebunia. Complaints have been lodged in the name of accused Oheduzzaman Tipu and Dr Masum along with Ishwardi IW Office, Pakshi Railway State Office, Ishwardi Thana, Additional Superintendent of Police, DRM Office, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Deputy Commissioner, Local MP and Railway Minister.

Among those who were sold were Pakshi Railway Control Room employee Md. Abdul Mannan, father deceased Hachen Ali, 2. Md. Azam Ali Kazi, father-unknown 3. Md. Hasmat Ali, father deceased Nabir Uddin 4. Md. Habib, father Md. Ainal Sardar 5. Rubel father deceased fakir, 6. Antara’s father is dead Zahid. These people are cutting and selling soil through Veku and selling soil and water bodies. As a result, they have always had quarrels with the landowners and there is a tense atmosphere in the area. This can lead to major accidents at any time and the law and order situation can deteriorate at any time. Therefore, in order to eliminate such undesirable environment, it has become necessary to take necessary steps to evict the foreign land pirates, revoke their illegal agricultural licenses and issue licenses in favor of the real owners of the land by charging a fee prescribed by the government. He sought immediate intervention of the people, local administration, members of parliament and the Prime Minister in this regard.

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