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Land disputes in Ashulia; The locals panicked

Savar Correspondent: There was a shootout between the two sides over a land dispute in Ashulia, Savar.

The incident took place at Usha Paltri intersection in Gazirchat area of Ashulia on Tuesday morning. This has created panic in the area.

Locals said they suddenly heard gunshots in the morning. At that time no one came out for fear. But as far as we have seen, both sides fired. There are still several bullet casings outside. We are very nervous.

A local resident, who did not want to be named, said MA Matin had been occupying the lands of various people in the area for a long time. Several cases are pending against him in this regard. He is known as Matin, a land robber in the area.

He further said that for a long time a businessman from Manikganj named Rahim Kha occupied a place and gave a signboard of the proposed place of Matin Bangabandhu Medical. He has no documents. Even then he has occupied this place. Today, when the people of Rahim Khar came to understand the place, MA Matin fired a few rounds at them. Rahim’s workers were working inside the land boundary. At that moment, Matin and his men broke through the binder, entered and beat the workers, firing five rounds. A tea shopkeeper at Usha Poultry Junction said the shootings were not new. Often such incidents occur. We have become accustomed.

An attempt was made to contact MA Matin in this regard but he was not found.

Rahim Kha said, MA Matin has occupied my place by force. Matin’s representatives prevented us from going to the land today. Matin and his forces later opened fire.

Ashulia Police Station Inspector (Operations) Abdur Rashid said, “I have sent a team after hearing about the incident.” Details will be informed later.

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