October 17, 2021, 9:13 pm

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Land development tax collection started online in Sakhipur

Aminul Islam, Sakhipur (Tangail):

Land development tax collection activities have started online at six union land offices in Sakhipur, Tangail. And the online registration process is underway. The landowners thanked Assistant Commissioner (Land) Ha-Meem Tabassum Prabha for being able to apply for land development tax and namjari rejection online.

For a long time, landowners used to be harassed on the way to name the land, now they don’t have to be harassed anymore. Good day to the land owners, land owners are being harassed in the land office. It is very easy to apply online by yourself and by showing the correct documents directly, you are rejecting the namazari in your own name online. Land owners do not have to pay extra money to pay land development tax. According to the Upazila Land Office, according to the government decision, after June 30, 2021, the land development tax will not be collected in the conventional (manual) system. Instead, land development tax will be collected online. As a result, landowners will be able to pay land development tax and collect filings without going to the union land office, i.e. sitting at home or outside the country.

The land owner of Gazaria Union said, “I was able to register my land in a short period of time by submitting the correct paperwork by applying for rejection of the registration online.” The farmer of Kirtankhola village said, earlier he had to go to the union land office and pay the land development tax, he had to pay extra money. Now I pay the land development tax online from home.

Md. Babul Mia, a teacher at Ichadighi Adarsh ​​High School, told Your cooperation is highly desirable for the success of this endeavor. He requested to bring the following documents in case of cooperation. The documents are – copy of ledger, receipt of previous rent collection, national identity card and mobile number. You are requested to contact the concerned Union Land Office to ensure that your land ownership information is entered online. Otherwise, there is a risk of various problems related to land ownership, including the complexity of paying land development tax. He further said that in the right way, register the land, develop the land online at home or collect the receipt online by paying the rent, update the correct information of owning your own land yourself.

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