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Kushmail Tekipara High School is running on the fabricated decision of the acting head without a committee

Shahidul Islam: The Ministry of Education has closed all educational institutions as per the official decision during the coronavirus epidemic. Kushmail Tekipara High School has no discipline even though the educational activities of the educational institution are continued through virtual classes in every educational institution.Its activities have also come to a standstill as there has been no managing committee for a long time. For a long time, the school has not had discipline at any stage. The headmaster’s seat is also in charge. Its activities are based on the ‘fabricated’ decision of the acting chief by disobeying the rules and instructions. Since there is no steering committee, no one is keeping track of what is happening here.

It has been alleged that the acting headmaster is involved in various irregularities and corruption and is ruining the school.A woman was the headmaster of Kushmail Tekipara High School in Kushmail Union of Fulbaria Upazila. Lutfar Rahman, a junior teacher, was given the responsibility of acting head after a long conspiracy. He has been committing various irregularities and corruption since he took charge as he has a house in the area adjacent to the school. As the father of former president Abdur Rashid Lutfar Rahman, he took up the post. Gave. He did this so that his corruption would not be exposed in any way. He is accused of extorting money from the students of the school due to the epidemic.

It is learned that the school’s income-expenditure account, expenditure voucher, cash deposited in the bank, school land deeds, stall rent deed and all other documents are used as he wishes.Although the school was established in 1972, there are not enough classrooms. Stay away from the healthy environment, there is no way to enter the school. It doesn’t look like there is a house, there are opportunities to study up to 10th class. Another tin shed building which was established about 8/10 years ago, the locals said. The 90-foot-long four-storey school house with verandah has recently been sold.

Complaints have been lodged with various departments alleging that 35/40 different species of valuable trees and tinsed house on the school campus have been sold for Rs 4 lakh.Going to the school to find out about this, it is seen that the tinsed house is being demolished. Asked about his name, local Zahirul Islam told reporters, “The building is very old, so I sold the 90-foot house to a bhangari shop for only Tk 30,000. To buy a computer. ” Although the informant hid his identity, it was later found out that this is the school’s computer office assistant Md. Jahangir Alam.

Asked if there are rules and regulations for the sale of buildings of these MPO-registered institutions, he said the resolution was passed during the tenure of the former president of the school to sell it. But the former president was in charge about 1 year ago. At present there is no ad hoc committee. Yet this anarchy continues. No one to watch. There are allegations that the acting teacher is embezzling all the income and expenditure of his imaginary school as there is no committee. Locals are expecting urgent intervention from higher authorities to save the school.

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