December 2, 2021, 10:17 am

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Kunduz is under Taliban control

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Taliban fighters have taken control of the important northern city of Kunduz in Afghanistan after a fierce battle with government forces.

A local official confirmed to the BBC on Sunday that everything except the city’s airport was now in rebel hands.

The official said the Taliban flag was seen flying in the center of Kunduz.

Chaos is also being reported across the city, including fires in various buildings and shops.

The Taliban have seized control of four provincial capitals since Friday. Their biggest achievement this year is taking control of Kunduz.

Taliban fighters have also reportedly captured Sar-e-Pul, another important city in northern Afghanistan.

Afghan officials say the cities that have collapsed still have troops and fighting is ongoing.

In recent weeks, Taliban forces have seized much of Afghanistan. The armed group now targets provincial capitals and important cities.

The US embassy in Afghanistan has condemned the Taliban’s attack on provincial capitals.

The number of US airstrikes on Taliban positions has also increased in recent times, yet the advance of the armed group is not going to be stopped.

Gaining control of Kunduz would benefit the Taliban strategically. This important gateway to the northern provinces of the country was known as a stronghold of the Taliban before 2001.

They occupied the city twice in 2015 and 2016, although they could not control it for a long time.

With control of the Tajik province bordering Kunduz province, the Taliban have now seized one of Central Asia’s most important drug trafficking routes. Afghan opium and heroin reach Europe via Central Asia through the Kunduz-Tajikistan border.

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